Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Ways to Find the Best Cloud Hosting Provider in India

When you have planned on moving your mission-critical data and applications to the cloud you can enjoy huge cost savings. You do not need to buy expensive storage hardware; nor do you have to recruit IT personnel to manage the servers. Cloud hosting has multiple advantages, the most important ones being cost savings and the ability to collaborate on projects online. Employees can access data no matter where they are located, as long as they have Internet connectivity. This improves work productivity for businesses. So, there are many benefits businesses can enjoy when they have the best cloud hosting provider in India.

Tips to find the best cloud hosting provider in India:

Since there are many cloud hosting vendors in India, choosing one out of so many may be a tough task. So, you may try to use the following suggestions in order to get the best cloud hosting provider in India:

• Hosting Needs: To begin with, it is important to understand your own cloud hosting requirements before you choose any service or provider. For instance, there are cloud offerings like the Dropbox where it is possible to store photos, videos and documents or Salesforce for CRM purposes. But for businesses that need higher storage, you can get many other cloud services such as an IT set-up with access to resources in real time.

• Pricing: Before you sign up with any cloud hosting provider, you should examine its pricing structure. For instance, you must be careful not to sign up with a vendor that makes you pay upfront fees. Pricing is usually according to a pay-as-you-use model where the client enterprises will pay only for resources they use and nothing extra. So, fees are usually charges per hour or per month basis or on even an annual basis.

• Security: When choosing cloud computing, your biggest concern should be that of security. Most cloud vendors will implement the standard security measures and it is important that you are satisfied with these protocols. As clients, you should look for strict security measures like anti-virus detection, firewalls, user authentications and data encryption. Before signing up, you need to inquire who gets access to the data and whether the vendor carries out background checks to identify potential cyber-criminals. The best cloud hosting provider in India will also conform to government norms for specific industries like privacy norms in the healthcare industry.

• Data Recovery: When you are looking for the best cloud hosting provider in India, you must choose one which has provisions to deal with sudden data losses. You should review its Service Level Agreement to find out if it will compensate for such data losses and whether it has the necessary redundancies to mitigate threats of data loss.

• Customer Care: The best cloud hosting provider in India will also offer you round-the-clock technical assistance through live chats, emails and phone calls. You should ideally inquire about their response times to technical problems, the time they require to resolve the issues and whether there are customer service representatives or experts who will interact with you through chats or help lines.

Data Center: When searching for a good cloud vendor, you must also find out about the location and security of its data centers. In short, you will not be keen to work with companies that store their servers in places where they can be quickly compromised. The locations should not be in places which are known to be susceptible to natural calamities like floods and earthquakes.

• Scalability: One of the biggest determinants when it comes to selecting a cloud vendor is scalability of its plans. With businesses growing steadily, you will need solutions which can help your business grow seamlessly. So, your vendor must be in a position to offer you additional resources when you need these.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

How Can You Get Economical Dedicated Server Hosting Plans Provider in India?

When you are on the lookout for an economical dedicated server hosting plans provider in India, there are some important things you should take into account. Dedicated hosting plans are invariably more expensive compared to shared hosting plans or VPS plans. This is because in dedicated hosting, you can lease out a whole server for your own exclusive use. So, with dedicated hosting plans, you are likely to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, disk space, higher processing power, greater memory, better security and increased technical support. All these advantages will obviously come for a price. When you have been able to get economical dedicated server hosting plans provider in India, you need to be careful about certain things.

What should you consider when choosing an economical dedicated server hosting plans provider in India?

• While affordable dedicated hosting plans is what everyone wants, you must be aware of some pitfalls that such plans can bring if you are not careful. When you buy dedicated hosting in India, you should ideally consider some technological specifications. For instance, when you run applications like ASP or ASP.Net technology, you will need to spend more on Windows servers because these will operate only in a Windows environment. Linux dedicated servers are cheaper because there are no licensing fees and Linux is an open source OS.

• While you may be able to get economical dedicated hosting plans, you should check for the amount of RAM and CPU your host will provide you with. When you run architecture built upon Windows or Java, you are likely to need more RAM. For websites that run games and chat-servers, there is a greater need for multi-processor servers such as the dual Xeon servers.

• When you want to host images or use the site for displaying multimedia videos and Flash videos, you will need higher uplink speeds and greater bandwidth. So, your economical dedicated server hosting provider in India should be able to offer you high bandwidth when you need it.

• In your effort to choose affordable dedicated servers, you must not settle for unmanaged hosting if you do not have an experienced and qualified IT team to handle the complex tasks of server management. Without a good systems administrator, you should not risk choosing unmanaged hosting; it is better to spend more on getting managed hosting solutions where your provider will monitor and maintain the servers for you. Any good host will also be able to offer you valuable advice on how to conduct load balancing or clustering.

• When you choose economical hosting solutions, you need to check the provider’s SLA to be aware of their uptime guarantees. You should find out not only about the uptime they will offer but also the compensations you will be entitled to get in case they fail to honor those guarantees.

• While choosing an economical dedicated server hosting plans provider in India will help you enjoy huge cost savings, you should ensure that there are no hidden fees, cancellation fees or migration fees. You need to find out not only about their monthly hosting charges, but also about prices for upgrades and updates, for additional bandwidth or space, for software licenses, for installation and for extra traffic. Costs for backups and disaster recovery, staff training and decommissioning costs should also be found out before signing on the dotted line.

• Finally, just because you have bought cheap dedicated hosting plans does not mean you will not need technical supports from your host. You have to ensure that your provider is able to offer you 24x7 supports through live chats, phone calls or emails. You must also make sure that they offer hardware replacement guarantees for any damaged or defective hardware.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Some Key Advantages of Cloud Computing Services in India

Cloud computing is beneficial for individuals and enterprises alike and refers to the delivery of computing resources to the public over the internet. So, cloud computing basically allows companies to enjoy resources like storage, applications, and virtual servers like utility services, similar to electricity. Businesses do not have to build and maintain infrastructures on-site; they can enjoy store their critical data and applications in remote servers. Naturally therefore, you are likely to enjoy many advantages of cloud computing services in India.

What are the key advantages of cloud computing services in India?

1- If you can get affordable cloud computing services in India, you will enjoy huge cost-savings. You will not be required to spend a huge fortune on buying expensive hardware or for upgrades and updates. Neither will you have to recruit, train and maintain an IT team to monitor the servers. When you choose managed cloud hosting solutions, the IT staff will not only keep your data secure, they will also be able to suggest innovative methods and solutions to cater to your business needs besides offering valuable advice on how to keep the infrastructure running efficiently.

2- Cloud computing is highly scalable and you will be able to enjoy resources on demand in real time. So, you can scale the resources up and down depending on your requirements. This ensures that there is optimal resource allocation and no wastage of resources. With dynamic business requirements, you need a flexible IT set-up and cloud computing can guarantee you this kind of an infrastructure. You can deploy newer projects faster and make sure these are capable of running without much delay, allowing you to move ahead of your competitors.

3- When you run a business, protecting it from revenue losses and managing strict regulations is always one of the topmost priorities. This is why you should choose cloud computing because the vendor will ensure that there are stringent security measures for data protection against breaches.

4- All businesses, regardless of their size, need to invest in disaster recovery measures. However, for the smaller businesses, this often gets compromised as it is very expensive. One of the key advantages of cloud computing services in India is that you can benefit from their disaster recovery solutions which will save both time and money.

5- Another of the key advantages of cloud computing services in India is that these are remote servers which are updated by the vendor; suppliers will provide regular software updates and you need not waste time maintaining these system updates on your own.

6- When you host in any data center that is outside, you can enjoy the benefits of power-efficient technologies. You choose only the resources you need depending on the demands of the traffic and this means that the server capacity can be suitably scaled down and up. So, there is no carbon footprint and you end up using only the energy you require making cloud computing an environment-friendly solution.

7- Cloud computing guarantees increased collaboration because your employees are able to access data, edit it and share important documents online from anywhere in the globe. This ensures that changes to data get updated in real time and all employees can access this change no matter where they are. So, you can work from almost anywhere as long as there is Internet connectivity and employees can benefit from flexible working perks.

These are some of the key benefits which you can enjoy when you choose quality and reputed cloud hosting providers in India. With a reliable provider, your business can use resources better and achieve economies of scale in the process.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

What Benefits Can a Colocation Server Offer You?

A colocation server refers to a web server which is situated in a dedicated facility and equipped with resources like secure cages or cabinets, dedicated web connectivity, power supplies, enhanced security and technical supports. These colocation facilities will give the client enterprises a place where they can physically house their own servers or hardware instead of maintaining a private data center where the threats of accidents and fire outbreaks are high. Most of the colocation server India providers will guarantee high-end security measures like on-site surveillance cameras, fire detection and suppression mechanisms, filtered power, multiple connection feeds, backup generators etc.

With colocation server solutions, your business can enjoy significant cost savings. You will not have to buy costly hardware for storing data; neither will you have to maintain staff to secure servers. You can cut down on both capital and operational costs that are likely to escalate when your business grows. Instead of investing in expensive HVAC or UPS units, you can enjoy an excellent data center which is also scalable to your dynamic requirements.

Unlike a private data center which can face frequent power outages that disrupt your site’s functioning, a colocation server is protected by backup power generators for high-density computing needs. Your business continuity will always depend on uptime guarantees and a colocation server will typically be able to offer you a carrier neutral setting and high-end networking options to guarantee more reliability. You can also benefit from higher bandwidth which is more cost-effective in a colocation facility because you can get benefits of volume pricing. When you choose colocation server hosting, you will be able to avail of round-the-clock technical supports from experts when it comes t troubleshooting hardware problems.

Finally, colocation server hosting can avert data breaches; security breaches are becoming commonplace and with the penalties becoming costlier, a data breach can sound death knell for any business. Colocation facilities are equipped with multiple layers of security through cardkey entry, biometric access, cage locks, on-site surveillance etc. you will also get effective data backups and disaster recovery solutions when you sign up for colocation hosting.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Affordable Public Cloud Server Hosting Services Benefit Small and Medium Enterprises

Public cloud server hosting services are ideal for applications that are not required to deal with sensitive information. Public cloud solutions are extensively used by small and medium enterprises because these are highly economical and easily deployable.

Low cost of ownership

Users are not required to purchase costly hardware and can therefore reduce their capital investment.  Public cloud infrastructure is an off-site facility and leased and rented by users on pay-as-you-go basis. Many enterprises rent these services on temporary basis for managing peak time loads.

Public cloud hosting services are most commonly used to operate ERP and CRM applications by small and medium organizations that do not have sufficient budgets to afford dedicated infrastructure to operate such applications.

Public cloud services are adopted to reduce costs of manpower and maintenance of in-house infrastructure. By shifting to software based operations organizations can obviate high upfront investment for purchasing costly equipment.

On demand and dynamic scalability

Scalability is the most attractive feature of public cloud hosting. Users can scale up resources in response to demand and therefore can optimize expenditure by reducing investments in surplus resources. Public cloud server can be commissioned or decommissioned as per the need by using API access. Users are also allowed to configure and deploy as per specific requirements.

Cloud based applications can improve productivity by streamlining business processes. These applications provide unlimited accessibility to staff for editing and retrieving data or editing the files. Cloud data storage offers reliable and efficient solution for small and medium enterprises.

Public cloud server in India is designed to offer faster and easier access at highly affordable prices. These factors are responsible for extensive popularity of public cloud services. Public cloud offers great advantage of shared resources over a large pool of servers. These are extremely flexible and scalable. Users can add or withdraw cloud instances without any hassles.

If cost effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility are considered, then public cloud server hosting is way ahead of private cloud solutions. This could be the reason for extensive adoption of public cloud applications.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Get Excellent Performance With Best Cloud Server Hosting Provider In India

Cloud is one of the most preferred Information Technology advancements, which have greatly facilitated online businesses. You can create a robust IT infrastructure and thus attain innovative solutions at affordable costs. If you have many web sites and intend to increase customer traffic, it is then best to consider cloud hosting. Cloud Server enables you to gain better control over your domains and thus you will be able to scale with ease. Besides, you will be able to configure according to the need of your website. In case your site is underperforming or you need more databases, mail servers or domains then you can work well with Cloud server hosting.

Features of Cloud Server:

• Should offer a sound assurance, which includes an array of latest service features and supports.

• permits full customization, 

• upgrading or downgrading on resources allocations 

• Options to select up to date operating system.

• Choice to define what level of control settings one may need on offers.

• Facilitate alterations in configurations of your server anytime.

• Allows payment for only those resources what you have used. This gives the ability to turn resources up or down to suit, your budget and ability in times of enhanced traffic.

• Added security features should be available in case the need arises.

The Cloud Server Hosting Provider in India leads in cloud computing. It offers the state-of-the-art server base to facilitate elevated performance, additional protection, as well as greater redundancy toward Xen Hypervisor and Cloud Stack cloud infrastructure implementation. One significant element of Cloud Server Hosting Provider in India is that they offer on-demand deployment. They offer guarantees that they will deploy the servers on demand. You get the option of choosing the amount of storage and bandwidth, which is sufficient for your cloud server. You get the facility of upgrading your server to match any new server resources required as your demand increases.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Customise Your Dedicated Server Cost Effectively

As your website grows, you need to move from the realm of shared hosting. Now you will need to find and properly review dedicated server plans .You will surely require dedicated server hosting for your high traffic, software intensive website or a gaming application.

Features of a dedicated server:

• It isthe physical piece of hardware that your hosting provider willrent to you.
• It has its own processor
• It has its ownhard drives, Random Access Memory (RAM) and bandwidth capability
• Your website and its allied software will be hosteddistinctly onthe dedicated server's hard drives
• You can install and run almost any program
• Dedicated servers ar every popular amongst internet gamers

Fully customize or even build your own dedicated server

Most dedicated server hosting plans let you to customize or build your own dedicated server. You can
therefore select and pay for only the features, which you will require. You will get your choice of operating system software such as Windows Server Edition and Linux Red hat etc.

Dedicated server is completely reliable and secure 

Since your website is hosted exclusively on the dedicated server,there is no risk of the server being overcrowded by requests for other people's websites .Dedicated server hosting offers exclusive bandwidth for your web application. No one else has access to your server except you. There is no possibility of viruses or other malicious software. All dedicated servers have their own unique IP address and thus the IP address of your domain points only to your website.

With top dedicated server hosting in India as your website grows you can add more bandwidth, RAM and increase your processor speed. This will save you many hours of tedious software conversions and 'unexplained' down times. The best dedicated hosting providers provide an FTP back-up account for your account.

A low cost dedicated server which has all the bandwidth, space and security features to run your programs effectively is the perfect option from a non-dedicated server hosting plan. You can customise dedicated hosting server wisely and cost effectively.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Reliable And Affordable Website Hosting Options From VPS Hosting Services In India

No business can probably expect to survive these days without a powerful and efficient website that offers customers fast and hassle-free online experience. When you are planning to launch a website to take your product or service to an international level, the first step is finding a hosting provider to host the website. This is the stage when you may come across various hosting options such as dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting and VPS hosting. Here, we will take a closer look at what makes VPS hosting services in India an excellent option for your hosting needs.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Due to its virtual and dynamic nature, it is also called cloud server. So when VPS hosting services in India talks about VPS, it is important to remember that they are essentially referring to a service rather than a physical server.  This virtual server functions on its independent operating system and can therefore easily run any software compatible with the specific OS. Compared to physical servers, these virtual servers can be quickly created and easily configured.

Small to medium-sized business will definitely he happy with the pricing factor that is lower than the rates charged for physical servers. However, you must be aware that since many virtual servers share the physical hardware, there may be performance issues when traffic or workload in high on the same physical entities.

VPS hosting services in India offer different levels of hosting. If you choose unmanaged hosting services, you will be responsible to managing and handling all aspects related to your server. Needless to say, this necessitates a staff of experienced IT professionals with ample expertise in managing server issues. To do away with all this hassle, you can simply choose fully managed hosting option so that you enjoy complete technical support from your hosting provider. 

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Advantages of Moving to the Cloud Server

By adopting the cloud technology for their websites, business owners find umpteen benefits.  Cloud computing offers more security, stability reliability to the business while keeping the costs very low in comparison to the other forms of web hosting.  It runs on a cluster of virtual servers that function as independent servers. Cloud server has all the features that are seen in the traditional server with the difference being the services are all offered by the providers and are accessible by the users via the internet.

Cost-effective and reliable

 Cloud server does not require the customers to install any high costing infrastructure. The users just need to subscribe and avail the services they require using the pay-as-you-use pattern. It eliminates the need of buying resources in plans offered by the providers and cause wastage.

 Websites are not dependent on one server as is the case with traditional hosting. Businesses are guaranteed of maximum uptime as the resources are diverted from the other servers on the network in case one of the servers fails for some reason. Resources are immediately replenished and website performance is never disturbed even if one of the other users pulls more resources to counter traffic congestion.


• Cloud server minimizes the chances of websites crashing due to high traffic flow. Resources are instantly available with just a few clicks. Businesses can pull more resources to avoid any traffic spikes at times when there is a sudden increase in the number of visitors to a site. Similarly, they can reduce their requirements when the traffic is slow and normal.

Cloud server hosting services in India are suitable to businesses of all sizes. They have the public cloud for the small businesses and the private cloud model for the larger businesses that look for the facilities of a public cloud but in an isolated environment with more privacy and security. Business have the hybrid cloud when they look for affordable solutions with enhanced security.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Reasons why VPS Server Hosting is Popular among Businesses

Individuals and organizations looking for a hosting service that is powerful and flexible with more features than what shared hosting offers but is more affordable than the dedicated server can consider VPS server hosting for their websites.  The plans are ideal for all types of businesses.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting has many websites sharing the server like in a shared hosting but they have their independent environment where they get allocated resources. VPS server hosting has a powerful dedicated server partitioned into smaller servers with each server functioning as an individual server. The client’s website gets their own operating system, storage, RAM and data transfers offering more stability and reliability than the shared hosting.

Benefits of VPS hosting: 

There are still many features that makes VPS server hosting a preferable choice. These include
  • VPS is scalable. Clients can add more resources as and when they want. This allows the businesses to start their business with minimum resources and increase their resources as their business grows. 
  • VPS is cost-effective. Businesses need not buy the resources in advance like in a dedicated server and leave them unutilized if they are not in need of them.  
  • VPS is reliable. Even if one of the server fails, resources are automatically drawn from the other servers on the network. 
  • VPS users are independent. Clients are not affected by the activities of a neighboring website. They can reboot the server without the others being aware of it. 
  • During peak times if the client draws extra resources, it will not have any impact on the performance of other users on the server. 
Business owners can buy cheap VPS hosting services in India. The providers offer affordable plans without compromising on quality of service. They extend round the clock customer support. VPS with its multiple features has become an ideal hosting platform for the startups and developing businesses.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Cloud Server – Meeting Ever Evolving Customer Demands

Today we are witnessing Indian and international cloud computing players ramping up capacity and spend ~ Rs 10, 000 crore in the coming two or three years.

According to a report, the growth of ecommerce and increased internet penetration are the main drivers for the growth of hosting market in India.

Needless to say, most of the investment is to enhance cloud capabilities.

Why this trend towards cloud server? 

In the present economic environment, the banking and financial services sector is under tremendous pressure to cut costs. They have the unenviable task of managing operational jobs and also meeting customer demands for inventive products and services.

To retain the competitive edge, banks are increasingly adopting cloud computing technologies.

By cloud server hosting, banks and financial institutions are able to do away with heavy capital investments in infrastructure. This is translating into lesser development cycles for new offerings.
But challenges remain.

Even with cloud server gathering momentum, the immediate future may see certain challenges and convergences.

Enterprises will be more cautious and evaluative about the cost of ownership. They will strongly weigh-in whether cloud computing is a cost effective good fit for their businesses.

They will first try to get a good feel of the cloud after deploying a sample project and cost advantage issues are fully understood.

There is likely to be greater adoption of hybrid cloud 

A hybrid cloud environment is one where public cloud, private cloud and dedicated hardware are connected to create the most cost effective and performance fit for a specific need.

Hybrid cloud will prove to be very useful for changeable workloads.

Another area where hybrid cloud will see greater adoption is in Big Data processing. Companies will make use of hybrid cloud storage for their business operations like sales and transactions, and run analytical queries in the public cloud.

In any case, in the business of cloud server hosting, India will see many players making serious inroads. A cloud server, after all creates a flexible and responsive environment.

For inclusive information on cloud hosting call; 1800-212-2022: Toll Free. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Various Reasons for Moving to VPS Hosting

Business owners have got an affordable yet feature rich and power-packed solution for their websites in VPS hosting. It is a very flexible solution and takes away the various restrictions that one finds in shared hosting. It matches the traits of the dedicated server.

What is VPS

A single dedicated server is segregated into numerous smaller virtual partitions that function as independent servers. The users have a choice of operating system and are allocated individual resources like CPU, bandwidth, RAM etc. Although sharing the server with other websites, customers here have complete control of their server. VPS hosting is the ideal midway choice meeting the demands of a growing business that are in need of dedicated resources but have budget restrictions.

Why to consider VPS

There are several advantages for businesses adopting VPS hosting:

• Customizable: They get root access to the server and are allowed to install any software that they need for their business development.

• Scalable: Clients can start on with low resources and increase their requirements as their growing business demands.

• Reliable: The client’s website performance is not affected even if another user draws more resources at peak traffic times.

• Continuity: Resources are made available from other servers on the network even if one of the servers fails. This guarantees there is no interruption in the website availability.

• Affordability: Since the server has many users like in a shared hosting, the overheads are split among the users making it very cost effective in comparison to the dedicated server which has only one entity and does not involve any sharing.

The VPS hosting provider in India is an experienced and highly reliable company that offers high quality hosting solutions for the varying needs of individual websites. They extend dedicated round the clock support to assist in solving any technical issues to ensure a smooth and seamless business performance. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Get Ultimate Business Benefits with Hybrid Cloud Hosting


Businesses that have been skeptical about the sharing of their sensitive data in the public cloud have the hybrid cloud to consider. With hybrid cloud hosting, businesses can combine the best features of both the private cloud and public cloud. They move all their mission critical applications behind the firewalls of a dedicated server in the private cloud while hosting their non-sensitive data and applications on the public cloud.

Features of hybrid cloud hosting:
  • Hybrid cloud is customizable. Requirements of a business keep changing constantly. Hybrid cloud allows the users to move their applications from one cloud to the other as and when demands arises.
  • It allows the clients to take advantage of the best features of both the clouds at reduced costs. Businesses can find the best solutions without compromising on security or scalability features keeping it affordable.
  • Hybrid cloud eliminates the need of investing in underutilized resource infrastructure. 
  • Hybrid gives its users a combined experience of colocation, high performing dedicated server and the highly scalable features of the cloud servers. 
  • Clients can scale the services instantly as hybrid cloud offers quick access to any of the resources required to handle all types of traffic spikes. 
  • Businesses can cut down their storage costs as they can scale the shared server of public cloud whenever needed without the necessity of paying for unutilized resources. 
The data is stored offsite and can be easily accessed by the clients at any time and from any location. Hybrid cloud hosting offers an excellent data recovery solution at times of data loss due to computer crashing or some unexpected disaster that could mean huge losses to a client.

Private cloud hosting offers an isolated space to the client which is not accessible by any other entity. The customers have complete control eliminating the concerns of data security and other limitations experienced in a public cloud.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Best Features of Cloud Hosting

Cloud technology offers hosting of websites on virtual servers where the computing resources are gathered from various physical servers that are housed in remote locations across the globe. They are offered over any public networking system like the internet. Cloud hosting is a form of service that allows the customers to draw as much of resources as they want.


There are many features of cloud hosting that distinguish it from the traditional physical servers.

• Easy Setup: Cloud server can be launched within minutes. Clients do not have to wait till machines are physically installed and can start off on their business instantly. More servers can be added with just a few clicks.

• Reliable: Cloud servers are independent of each other. Unlike in shared hosting the clients are not affected by the activities of the other users on the servers.

• Secure:  Content in the cloud is safe. Since the data is spread across several servers, it is well protected against any hardware failures. Snapshots and automated backups add to the protection.

• Scalable:  The cloud servers are highly scalable. Clients have the liberty to increase or reduce the resources as per their requirements. This saves a lot of money for the clients as they need not buy resources they may not use. The upgrading can be done with simple clicks without the need for any physical activity.

The best cloud hosting plans is affordable, assure of maximum uptime, and flexible giving the clients plenty of choices for expansion as their business grows. The plans generally include unlimited domains, dedicated disk space, bandwidth and memory.

Cloud hosting is very cost-effective. There are no installation costs and the clients are charged on an hourly basis for the services they utilize. This is far more affordable for the users as it does not require them to buy resources they do not use unlike in dedicated hosting where they need to buy resources in advance as per plans opted.  

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Data Center Solutions for Businesses

Business houses require a secluded and highly efficient space to store their IT infrastructure. Keeping it in-house can be space occupying and may work out to be an expensive affair which again may not be feasible for all. They can avail the data center facilities that the web hosting providers offer.

Advantages to businesses: 

Some of the benefits that businesses get with data center services include:

 Assured power supply
 No capital investment on space or infrastructure
 No installation and maintenance issues
 24/7  technical support
 High speed broadband services
 Quality infrastructure
 High-level  security

How are the data centers furnished?

The infrastructure requirements at a data center are high and very expensive. Startups and small businesses cannot afford to make huge investments on:

1. Power backup equipments:

Computers and servers require continuous power supply. The data centers are well equipped with backups systems like generators, UPS systems and invertors.  The computers are automatically diverted to the power backups in case of power outage.

2. Cooling systems: 

Continuous running can heat up the systems so to keep the environment cool internally these plants have ample cooling equipments like chillers, cool water units, air-conditioners, heat removal and air distribution units.

3. Safety provisions:

The data centers are equipped with fire fighting devices and water seepage detection equipments. Trained personnel monitor the plant regularly.

4. Security: 

The data centers are cordoned with wire fencing and razor meshes. Armed security personnel man the premises round the clock. In addition access is restricted to authorized people with biometric card system. Monitoring is done through CCTV cameras and man traps to prevent intruders and thieves from breaking in.

The data center service providers in India are affordable and suitable to all types of businesses. The services are scalable and assure of maximum uptime and high speed the two crucial requirements for every website. They assure of branded and latest infrastructure with quality customer support.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Why Opt for Cloud Server Hosting India

Hosting your data as well as your website is all about doing it with a whole lot of convenience. After all, the very idea of hosting is about making your data storage as well as data access easier and more comfortable. Cloud server hosting India is all about making life simpler for you. So, why should you opt for private cloud hosting services in India and not use a data centre for hosting all your information? Why should you not have a physical server of your own and use it for hosting? We attempt to find some answers.

Some Advantages of Cloud Server Hosting in India

Some reasons why you must consider switching to cloud server hosting in India include:

1. You can Outsource your hosting job: When you consider choosing a cloud server what you do is contact a service provider and choose a suitable hosting plan from him. Once you pay for your plan, you can outsource all your hosting related concerns. There is no need to worry about it anymore.

2. You Have Cost Effective Solutions to Bank upon: There is always a hosting plan that can suit your budget. Consider choosing one of the plans that suits your budget. Go ahead of evaluate the pros and cons of the plan and you are good to go. You do not need to spend insane amount of money for choosing a hosting plan of your use.

3. You can Avail of High End Technical Assistance: You can avail of high end technical assistance as and when you might need. Consider choosing a plan from a provider with top quality service support.

Cloud hosting brings with it loads of advantages. Just make sure you pick the relevant ones.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Benefits of Choosing a Private Cloud Hosting Provider India

A private cloud hosting provider India service will offer computing resources through a cloud based environment to a specific client only. Unlike public clouds, private cloud model offers a resource pool which can be accessed by a single organization only; therefore a private cloud hosting provider India service will be your choice when you want more privacy and data control. The public cloud server hosting services India cater to multiple enterprises which can draw resources from a resource pool of multiple servers across the Internet. But the private cloud will draw its resources from a distinct resource pool that can be hosted either internally or externally; this can be accessed through private leased lines and secure encrypted connections.

Which companies can benefit from a private cloud hosting provider India service?

The additional security ring which private clouds offer can benefit enterprises which must handle sensitive data and execute sensitive operations, like banks and financial institutions.  Such companies can use a private cloud for handling sensitive information internally and public clouds for the more routine functions such as on-demand allocation of resources. When you choose private cloud hosting, you can enjoy the following benefits:

 Enterprises will enjoy higher privacy and security because there is a distinct resource pool accessible by a single client only. The provider will implement stringent security measures like firewalls to prevent data security breaches.

• The private cloud offers more data control because it can be accessed by only one organization. This organization then has the power to configure the cloud and manage it to serve its own needs.

 Private cloud hosting also improves resource allocation and helps to provide computing resources to individual departments so that they can respond directly to demands. While private clouds are more expensive compared to public clouds, they ensure better usage of resources. They reduce investments for unused capacity and cut down on carbon footprints.

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