Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Qualities Of A Reliable Cloud Hosting Services Company

cloud hosting plan
Cloud hosting providers render website hosting services on virtual servers. These hardware devices wrench computing resources from a widespread underlying physical web server network. Such services follow the utility model of computing which is made available to end users as a service rather than as a product.

Cloud hosting service is in reality an alternative to single server based hosting of websites. Such a server can be dedicated and/or shared. It is considered as an extension of the concept of clustered hosting where websites span over multiple servers. However with cloud hosting, server networks are extracted from different data centers spread across different locations.

Real-world examples of cloud hosting include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) classifications. IaaS offerings provide clients with a virtualized hardware resource wherein they can actually install bespoke software environment to create a tailored web application. On the other hand, software environment in PaaS contains a predefined solution stack (OS, database support, web server software and programming support), with which clients can install and develop personalized web applications.

Many a times, some businesses contain a complex IT infrastructure and experienced IT professionals who require customizable IaaS model while others prefer PaaS.

Some features of a reliable Cloud hosting service provider are:

  • Application availability is effectively maintained without the need for investing substantial sums of money on hardware resources and software components.
  • Companies get to leverage the added benefit of reducing as well as scaling resources on the basis of needs
  • Certain services are offered which are specifically designed to optimize resources as well as usage for the reduction of IT infrastructure costs

A powerful cloud hosting services plan leverages all such benefits for higher business flexibility without upfront investment. Online provisioning and management OF elastic computing are a few cloud computing service providers in India. Such services deliver the actual power of cloud which is delivered to clients at their fingertips. For the same, state-of-the-art server infrastructure and high-speed backbones are utilized to render world-class cloud hosting services.

Therefore, clients can tap such services on the basis of website demands through a utility based pricing model.

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