Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Cost-efficiency and Service Availability: Major Factors Behind Cloud Growth

Cloud hosting services have entered the web server hosting industry with a bang. The reason cloud computing is the latest evolution in the field of technology that helps individuals and businesses to set foot and sustain in the World Wide Web. The trend is presently drawing the attention of retail portals, corporate organizations, online app portals, to mention a few. If you want to show your presence on the web, merely approaching a cloud dedicated server provider can let you avail the benefits of optimum server uptime, scalability, resiliency and redundancy of computing resources, as well as reduction in data management costs.

Whether you are approaching a public or private cloud hosting provider, the advantages you can obtain from either source are similar and tailor-made to your business needs.

The prolific advantages of cloud data center services include the following:

Maximum Optimization of Resources: With the cloud hosting provider by your side, you are leveraged to use storage space of your server with no limitation whatsoever. At the same time, resource provisioning is fast and as a result, cloud hosting services allow maximum use of the storage available.

Pocket-Friendly Pricing Model: On availing cloud hosting services from a private cloud hosting provider, you can be rest assured to pay for services that you use. This helps you save money considerably along with getting the relaxation from having IT staff for server maintenance and data management.

Network Uptime: You needn't to worry about network uptime even if any disaster hits after opting for cloud hosting services. Server virtualization is what that makes the cloud so popular across diverse industry verticals. In fact, data can be retrieved with minimal chance of loss and your website will run at a speed, making data storage and sharing fast and easy.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Well-designed Cloud Hosting Server at Affordable Prices

Organizations think that cloud hosting must be expensive and not for all. It is a myth and a well-designed cloud hosting server is really affordable and has the best features. It is known to all, there are three different types of cloud hosting servers available in the industry and these are private cloud hosting, public cloud hosting and hybrid cloud hosting solutions. It depends on the requirements of the organizations that which type of hosting they need. So, it is suggested that organizations should know their hosting requirements and then only approach to the web hosting providers.

Companies which have less budget can easily opt for a hybrid cloud hosting server and it is a great combination of public and private cloud hosting server. So, one can easily enjoy both the features and also beyond that easily. It is one cost effective hosting solution that comes with great value added
services and guaranteed 100% uptime easily.

Are you looking for a hybrid cloud hosting provider? Then you have landed on the right place. In this blog, we are discussing about CloudOYE, a popular cloud hosting provider in the industry. They have several esteemed and satisfied customers globally. You can buy cloud server from them at best of prices. The efficient team will definitely configure your server and will take care of all your requirements. According to many customers, the organization is known as the best hybrid cloud hosting provider.

They have best of professionals who are dedicated and efficient to provide with ultimate technical support to the customers. What are you waiting for? It is the right time, when you should purchase the best hosting server at best prices.

To know more you can visit their website and contact the customer care executives through emails and calls. All the web hosting plans are well-designed and offer at best rates. 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Hire Cloud Solutions from Leading Cloud Hosting Providers

Hosting solutions play an important part for your business and it is on you that which are the provider you should choose for your services. There are several web hosting providers in the industry which offer an array of services to the customers and that too with utmost dedication. At the same time, it is not so easy to select a hosting provider for your business. The decision is really tough and sometimes you may face hardships for the same.

It is truth that cloud hosting and other available cloud computing solutions are great to leverage your business and for reaping the best benefits. So, if you are planning to avail cloud backup or even cloud CDN service, you need to select the best cloud hosting provider.

Cloud CDN is nothing but a protocol to deliver content from one place to another. It is one of the most hyped cloud solutions in the industry these days. There are several organizations which have opted for cloud CDN and have found great results. It is better that you communicate with one of the leading hosting providers and convey about the services you are looking for.

Apart from CDN, cloud also offers disaster recovery solutions and other services for organizational benefits. Now the question arises, that which is the hosting provider you should approach. It is a fact that CloudOYE is one of the leading hosting and other cloud solutions provider in the industry. The organization is very reputed and is serving to millions of customers across the globe.

To know more, you can visit their website and else contact to the customer care executives who are dedicated and skilled to answer all your queries. Aspired cloud hosting and cloud CDN customers can also reach to them through emails and calls.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Gain Optimum Flexibility and Security with Hybrid Cloud Hosting

In this competitive edge, everyone has aware about the emerging technology cloud, which brings agility in the business performance. Among the three service models, i.e. private, public and hybrid, hybrid cloud is the most evolutionary technology that helps organizations to implement private as well as public cloud features.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a combination of private and public cloud model. It provides the security and customizability of an in-house solution with ease of scalability and affordability of external systems.  It puts you in a better position to run your mission critical business application. Applications and
databases are typically run on the private cloud, while the less sensitive part of the website data can  reside over public cloud. Depending on the way your website set up is configured, if your demand increases, then you can easily scale up the computing resources in the public cloud, providing business continuity and high availability.

With a hybrid cloud solution, your system is more fault tolerant since you get the tremendous benefits from immediate local usability of the private cloud architecture.            

Cost Benefits

It is the most cost effective option for your online venture. According to a research, by connecting dedicated or on-premise resources to cloud components, businesses can figure out average reduction in overall IT costs.

Improved Security

By combining the dedicated server and cloud resources, enterprises can leverage their performance without any kind of security concerns.  The security of payment transactions and personal information is the prime attribute for any business. With hybrid cloud, businesses can address many security and compliance concerns.

To meet your unique business needs, choose a well established hybrid cloud hosting provider that promise about reliable and secured cloud hosting services.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Cloud Hosting Services for Seamless Business Connectivity

Cloud is touching the heights of success owing to its rampant and rapid adoption by companies of all profiles. Be it educational institution, automobile industry, or healthcare industry – all are leverage cloud for their own good reasons.  There would be no exaggeration that soon cloud technology will become a mandate for the companies envisaging for sustainable business growth.

Here, are a few noteworthy benefits that cloud offers to its clients:

Elasticity: Cloud provides you the flexibility to scale up or down the computing capacity including servers, bandwidth, processing speed whenever required. The process of scaling is extremely user-friendly and expeditious. You don’t have to wait for hours to add capacity – as cloud makes provisioning much easier for everyone. Moreover, cloud is a cluster if multiple servers that means, it can easily cater to your changing business needs.

Billing Structure: Cloud works on a pay-per-use billing model, which implies end-users need to only pay for the services that they have utilized rather than procuring capacity in bulk. This in turn helps in curtailing operational expenses.

Business Availability: As already mentioned that cloud is a cluster of servers, which ensures that businesses have enough capacity and computing resources available to meet their growing business demands.

Business Continuity: The best thing about cloud hosting is that your applications and data remain always accessible to you even in case of disasters. The data is copied to multiple locations, which can be easily retrieved in case of disastrous circumstances. Cloud server backup keeps your business needle always moving ahead.

Technical Support: Cloud hosting providers offer SLA on network availability and round the clock technical support, so that your important database/applications stay up and running all the time.

Apart from this, most of the vendors today offer custom-made cloud hosting plans to satisfy your business demands.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Elevate Your Business Performance with Cloud Hosting

In an ever-evolving IT paradigm, it is quite important to remain competitive in the market to build a reputation. Cloud technology is a prolific approach that offers optimum convenience in catering IT services to the business user. It is faster, better and most interestingly flexible service that deliberately helps business to gain high performance. Users can choose the resources from the underlying pool of resources to run their application seamlessly.

In this blog, you can see the important points that help in scaling up the performance:

  • As the resources are distributed across multiple servers, any break down of failure in the server won't let your website down.  It is the most reliable option when compared to traditional hosting model.
  • Auto scalability is the most significant factor that cloud offered. You can scale up and down the resources according to your business requirement.
  • Cloud made billing so much easy. You have to pay only for the resources you have utilized in your application.
  • You will never face any kind of data loss problems as cloud hosting ensure backup and recovery solutions.
  • It offers extreme ease of access; your online data can be easily accessible on a wide range of devices globally.
  • Cloud provides automatic data updates without entertaining any cost. You need not to worry about the server maintenance and any kind of upgrades as cloud offers fully fledged automatic service.
Companies can highly optimized their capital cost and influence their business growth by focusing on their core competencies. Support innovation and bring agility in your business to gain maximum throughput. Choose cloud server hosting services to elevate your business growth.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Cloud hosting- Scaling Up Your Business Performance

Cloud technology is a hot buzz in IT industry because of its extensive advantages that completely changed the entire business model. It is considered as a full fledged business strategy that bequeathed with many advantages. This service is faster, better and most importantly secured when compared to
other hosting model. It offers pool of resources to the users. They can easily pick the resources from the host website and employ in their business application.

Put a glance on the influencing traits of cloud hosting

Reliability is one of the key factor that you should consider while choosing a cloud service. It is because the resources are distributed across multiple servers, any single fault won't let your website down.

Scalability is the important advantage that cloud offered. Unlike traditional web hosting in which you cannot scale the resources on-demand. With cloud, you can scale the capabilities according to your dynamic needs.

Billing is yet another important aspect in which you have to pay only for the resources that you have utilized in your application.

Backup and recovery is easier to maintain on cloud hosting environment. So, you will never face any kind of data loss problems.

It offers easy and global data access, applications can be easily accessible across any part of the globe.

Cloud offers automatic updates without entertaining any cost. It means that you don't have to worry about the server maintenance and software updates.

With this emerging technology, businesses can bring innovation in delivering their services. Bring agility and flexibility in your business to achieve huge online success. Choose cloud hosting solutions to accelerate your business growth.

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