Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Move to VPS Hosting for Better Business and Web Hosting

VPS Hosting is one of the premier hosting services for websites that is known well for its high-octane performance and affordable cost. This type of services comes with pre-configured and customizable features that are important for managing the online server for better and optimized results. Based on
this as a business you can manage your servers the way you want for your business.

Many experienced and professional cloud hosting providers offer such services at competitive pricing to the client all over the world with top of the line security systems keeping the web site safe and secure from cyber security threats and attacks. The website performance gets affected provided the site owner is using the shared hosting resulting in server resources shared by multiple websites for online activates.

VPS Server Hosting service provides the website dedicated resources that provide the necessary boost for managing online traffic, sharing online information with visitors and multiple recipients and keeping other important information or data secure. There are many benefits the website owner experience over time when they begin using the VPS Hosting service.

Below mentioned are some salient features that add value to websites better performance on VPS Server Hosting:

•An affordable solution for small and medium businesses with better security arrangements. • Dedicated hosting on cost effective module.
•Offers more server resources compared to the shared server hosting.
•Offers 24X7 technical support to the end users.

Amidst such benefits, it is, needless to say, the VPS Hosting is a clear winner for individual users, small and medium businesses for managing their website and other online tasks. If you are interested in the service then look up the list of reputable businesses that offer such services at competitive
pricing nearby.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Why Hybrid Cloud Hosting is Affordable than Other Clouds?

Cloud technology is the flavor of the season. There are many organizations which are on the moving spree of their data from physical storage servers to a cloud hosting solution. So, now it is on you that whether you continue with the old hosting process or opt for cloud hosting server. If sources are to be believed cloud hosting solution is really affordable than other physical storage solutions available in the industry. Because, cloud is the only technology that comes with a billing meter and you need to pay as you get. There are several resources already provided on a cloud and customers can easily pick and choose the best required applications from the resource pool. Are you looking for a hybrid cloud hosting solution? Then this blog may help you at its best.

If there are some applications which you need to add you can go ahead and do so without any hassle. A hybrid cloud server doesn’t require any technical or manual approvals and any assistance from any hosting administrators. Cloud hosting is one of the automatic hosting solutions and run with the help of several virtual machines. Customers can easily expect guaranteed 100% uptime for their hosting server.


These VMs work and transfer data automatically and without any help. Now the question arises that which is the organization you should approach for the quality services. CloudOYE is one of the leading hybrid cloud hosting providers that offer an array of other hosting solutions as well.

To know more about their services, all you need to do is visit their website and contact the customer care executives for the better services. They will assist you with the best information. 

Friday, 5 June 2015

Best Cloud Dedicated Server Services for Enhanced Productivity

Cloud computing can transform the way companies procure, manage, and maintain their IT demands. All this is possible owing to the extensive pool of capacity cloud comprises of to meet the requirements of up surging clients demand. There are a host of cloud service providers in India - helping to accommodate present and future business requisites. However, all vendors’ offered cloud hosting solutions do not possess same set of quality and potential to handle your surging websites demand. Here, it becomes really important to consider some of the factors to make an informed decision:

Branded plus Scalable Resources: 

It is essential to ensure that cloud host owns an equipped cloud data center in India with all the components in place. IT resources of reputed brands guarantee unswerving business connectivity and performance. Apart from this, scalable cloud architecture helps companies with different needs to swiftly accommodate their variable market demands.

Zero Downtime Headaches 

Cloud is a network of robust servers with extensive computing capacity – helping companies to stay always connected to their end-users – irrespective of all the disruptive factors. For instance, if one of the cloud dedicated server gets fail – the workload is migrated to other working servers ascertaining that your business-critical applications always stay up and running.

Cost-Efficiency: Cloud computing works on pay-per-use basis or on monthly basis, which means client need to only pay for the services utilized. Plans can be quickly customized depending on the change in company’s requirements.

Apart from this, computing resources can be added or deleted at any point of time in no time. This enables clients to become more responsive to their customer’s need, which in turn, ensures better ROI and extended customer base.

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