Thursday, 25 May 2017

Why is Cloud Server Hosting India Popular?

Cloud server hosting India plans are becoming popular amongst both individuals and businesses because of the many advantages they offer over traditional web hosting. Businesses which are keen to sign up with cloud server hosting India companies can choose from a variety of computing models, namely, public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud that is a mix of both. In a public cloud hosting environment the provider will make the applications, data storage and resources available to general public over the Internet. In a private cloud, the cloud infrastructure is dedicated to a specific enterprise alone. This explains why public cloud hosting typically turns out to be more cost-effective compared to private clouds because you do not need to buy dedicated hardware. Private clouds will also require you to pay more for managing and updating costs. In a public cloud, the hardware and servers are placed in a third party premise and clients can pay according to a pay-as-you-go model.

What benefits will you get from cloud server hosting India?
  • Scalability: When you choose to sign up for cloud servers in India, one of the most important benefits you will enjoy is scalability and flexibility. You can avail of extra resources as and when necessary depending on the traffic to your website. So, cloud server hosting is best suited for businesses which get traffic spikes at certain times of the year or for businesses which find it hard to predict resources.
  • Cost-Savings: Another major benefit which cloud server hosting India plans can offer is cost effectiveness. You will need to pay only for resources that you use and nothing extra. You are free to upscale and downscale the resources. Neither will you need to buy hardware for storage, nor do you need personnel to manage the servers.
  • Reliability: Compared to traditional hosting, cloud hosting is far more reliable. This is because there are multiple servers from which you can get your resources. So, even if a single server fails or crashes for some reason, there are active servers where the workload will be redirected.

To choose a reliable cloud hosting provider, there are some easy tips that you could follow:

  •  Before you sign up with any cloud server hosting India provider, you need to review its SLA carefully to check for uptime guarantees. This is especially vital when you run an ecommerce site which deals with online monetary transactions. In the absence of a high uptime, your sales will get affected .
  • You must also inquire how the vendor tackles frequent power outages. There must be appropriate remediation guarantees which are easy to understand.
  • While some businesses prefer to go with the public clouds as these are more cost-effective, others may choose an open model in which there will not be any vendor lock-in. 
  • When choosing a provider, you must also ensure that you can get technical supports from it any time you need it. You should check to see if there is a proper team of engineers to assist you instead of links referring you to a FAQ page for assistance.
  •  Besides, your cloud vendor should be one that can provide you will flexible deployment models depending on your needs. So, you should be able to keep the non-sensitive data and operations in a public cloud setting while storing the sensitive data in a private cloud. Again, for companies running transactional databases, latency problems are common. This is why you need a vendor which has its data centers located close by. 
  • As far as costs go, you must choose a cloud provider only after carefully reviewing and comparing the prices offered by different vendors. While cloud hosting is considered to be more economical compared to traditional web hosting, hidden costs are there and one should be wary of these.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Why Are Public Cloud Servers Better Than Private Cloud Servers?

Public cloud servers are offered by a cloud vendor for businesses which want an inexpensive but secure set-up for data storage. In a public cloud which is founded on a regular cloud computing model, the vendor will offer computing resources to the clients via the Internet. Resources are obtained from a massive resource pool jointly held by multiple servers connected to one another in an underlying network. 

Public cloud servers will charge enterprises on a pay-as-you-go basis or these services may also be offered free of cost. With public cloud server, you can enjoy cost-effective and simple installation for storing your mission-critical data and applications. Cloud hosting plans are highly scalable allowing your business to get resources whenever you need them. Resource allocation is optimal and there is no wasted capacity.

 How are public cloud servers different from private clouds?

1- Public cloud servers will offer resources to the general public across the Internet. In a private cloud, resources are obtained from multiple servers too but these are made available to a single enterprise only. So, while public cloud servers will cater to many clients through shared infrastructure, a private cloud will cater to a single client only. With the public cloud, you can enjoy a high degree or scalability because resources are always available on demand. This is because the public cloud has a huge resource pool belonging to multiple servers. This ensures that clients can respond to traffic spikes seamlessly  

2- Compared to private clouds, public cloud servers are far cheaper. Since they get resources from various servers, they can achieve economies of scale. In a public cloud, you do not have to worry about spending a fortune on buying costly hardware for storage. You follow the pay-as-you-go model and you are not required to maintain a private data center. However, when you opt for private clouds, your organization may have to set up and maintain servers to cope with traffic demands. 

3- Public cloud servers are very cost effective. Most vendors will charge their clients on a pay-as-you-use basis. So, there is no wastage of resources and consumers only pay for resources that they use. 

4- The biggest advantage of choosing public cloud servers is because of their reliability. The redundancy configurations suggest that in case any single server or component fails to function, cloud services are not affected. Sometimes, the entire data center can go offline. But that will not disrupt individual cloud services. So, in other words, with public cloud hosting, there is no one point of failure. 

5- When you choose public cloud servers, you can benefit from location independence. This means that cloud hosting services will be available everywhere as long as there is web connectivity. It does not matter where the client is situated. This feature allows remote access to the cloud set-up which is vital in times of emergencies. Employees are also free to collaborate on documents online; so work productivity also improves. 

6- Finally, with the public cloud, you can choose from a variety of services like IaaS, PaaS or SaaS as long as you have a device which is connected to the Internet. These services are designed to take care of most of your computing tasks. They can offer advantages to both individuals and businesses. It is even possible for companies to integrate their sensitive business functions (private cloud services) with routine non-sensitive tasks (public cloud services) in a hybrid cloud setting.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Advantages A Reliable Cloud Hosting Provider Can Offer To Businesses

In the hosting world, Cloud hosting is the new normal. Virtual servers that run in a cloud computing environment are known as Cloud servers. While they are also called Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDSs), unlike them, cloud servers run as software-independent units. This hosting service is preferred mostly over traditional dedicated servers, especially with low to mid-level servers, since these prove excellent at all functionalities.

Cloud Migration

More and more businesses of all types and sizes are making the move to the Cloud because Cloud Hosting offers a lot of benefits to them. The very first of the lot is flexibility in terms of working times. Most employees, nowadays, prefer working at times that allow them to create the perfect work-life balance. With cloud services, businesses can offer flexi-times to their employees and get work done without hurting their productivity.

Cloud servers are more stable and secure than all the other options. They offer the best stability/cost ratio performance. Not only are they super-fast, they also do not suffer from the normal hardware issues that other servers appear to duel with all the time.

This option offers disaster recovery solutions which help the client to rest assured that their mission critical applications and important data will be safe and secure in times of natural calamities too.

More advantages

Then there is document control along with the ability to modify the server software according to one’s unique business requirements. If a business so wants, they can request their Cloud Hosting Provider to customize plans that are built completely around their needs.

Cloud computing allows business teams to access, edit, and share documents anytime, anywhere. The ease of visibility of collaboration, cloud-based workflow, and file sharing apps – all of these enhance business operations. This solution is environment friendly too. Almost zero carbon footprints are left behind when a business wants to scale up and down virtually.

This is an excellent option for businesses that see fluctuations in bandwidth usage. This is because in this solution, any kind of usage scalability is easily manageable. With the robust network of servers this service relies on, scaling up and down is child’s play for the client. It is the duty of the Cloud Hosting Provider to ensure there are automatic software updates and that all the management issues are taken care of well in time. The client doesn’t have to bother about all these issues.

Some people consider reduced hardware expenditure as the biggest benefit of this service. It has a subscription, pay-as-you-go model. This is truly beneficial for a budding business that can easily afford for pay for exactly what they use. There are no hidden charges.

When one is seeking the perfect hosting solution for their business requirements, the first name that comes to their mind is CloudOYE - the leading provider of hosting solutions of all kinds. This premier company offers web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, data centers, Cloud Hosting, and more. 

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