Thursday, 6 August 2015

Implementing the Solutions provided by a Disaster Recovery Provider in India

Engaging the services and implementing the solutions of a disaster recovery provider in India that uses cloud based mechanisms for data recovery, could indeed be a stitch in time saving nine or even ninety! However, some basic preparatory measures would be warranted before engaging such a service.

Start with a Need Evaluation

The very first step towards implementing the services of a disaster recovery provider in India would be to evaluate the current needs your organization possesses. Although this might seem like the most simple and mundane procedure to undertake, the ensuing results could be major factors in determining the configuration and infrastructure you will need to put in place for facilitating a cloud server based data protection system.

For example, in some companies, primary backups are replicated to the cloud storage where they can enjoy enhanced protection from elements that could disable a data center, for instance, natural calamities. In other companies, virtual machines may be replicated and shifted to the cloud so that can be hosted there when it is no longer possible to host them in the locally created data center.

Selecting a Cloud Server Solution Provider

The next and possibly the most important step is to select a disaster recovery provider in India that utilizes cloud based solutions for enhanced data protection. Now that you have your specific needs on the table, it is important to understand that not every cloud provider would be equipped to tackle every situation. Some providers would be allowing replication of a virtual machine but will not be able to host it. Some may offer less of storage space. If you are aiming at creating a secure site that depends largely upon a cloud based disaster recovery solution, you will need to track down a cloud service provider that offers the specific capabilities required. 


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