Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Reasons why VPS Server Hosting is Popular among Businesses

Individuals and organizations looking for a hosting service that is powerful and flexible with more features than what shared hosting offers but is more affordable than the dedicated server can consider VPS server hosting for their websites.  The plans are ideal for all types of businesses.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting has many websites sharing the server like in a shared hosting but they have their independent environment where they get allocated resources. VPS server hosting has a powerful dedicated server partitioned into smaller servers with each server functioning as an individual server. The client’s website gets their own operating system, storage, RAM and data transfers offering more stability and reliability than the shared hosting.

Benefits of VPS hosting: 

There are still many features that makes VPS server hosting a preferable choice. These include
  • VPS is scalable. Clients can add more resources as and when they want. This allows the businesses to start their business with minimum resources and increase their resources as their business grows. 
  • VPS is cost-effective. Businesses need not buy the resources in advance like in a dedicated server and leave them unutilized if they are not in need of them.  
  • VPS is reliable. Even if one of the server fails, resources are automatically drawn from the other servers on the network. 
  • VPS users are independent. Clients are not affected by the activities of a neighboring website. They can reboot the server without the others being aware of it. 
  • During peak times if the client draws extra resources, it will not have any impact on the performance of other users on the server. 
Business owners can buy cheap VPS hosting services in India. The providers offer affordable plans without compromising on quality of service. They extend round the clock customer support. VPS with its multiple features has become an ideal hosting platform for the startups and developing businesses.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Cloud Server – Meeting Ever Evolving Customer Demands

Today we are witnessing Indian and international cloud computing players ramping up capacity and spend ~ Rs 10, 000 crore in the coming two or three years.

According to a report, the growth of ecommerce and increased internet penetration are the main drivers for the growth of hosting market in India.

Needless to say, most of the investment is to enhance cloud capabilities.

Why this trend towards cloud server? 

In the present economic environment, the banking and financial services sector is under tremendous pressure to cut costs. They have the unenviable task of managing operational jobs and also meeting customer demands for inventive products and services.

To retain the competitive edge, banks are increasingly adopting cloud computing technologies.

By cloud server hosting, banks and financial institutions are able to do away with heavy capital investments in infrastructure. This is translating into lesser development cycles for new offerings.
But challenges remain.

Even with cloud server gathering momentum, the immediate future may see certain challenges and convergences.

Enterprises will be more cautious and evaluative about the cost of ownership. They will strongly weigh-in whether cloud computing is a cost effective good fit for their businesses.

They will first try to get a good feel of the cloud after deploying a sample project and cost advantage issues are fully understood.

There is likely to be greater adoption of hybrid cloud 

A hybrid cloud environment is one where public cloud, private cloud and dedicated hardware are connected to create the most cost effective and performance fit for a specific need.

Hybrid cloud will prove to be very useful for changeable workloads.

Another area where hybrid cloud will see greater adoption is in Big Data processing. Companies will make use of hybrid cloud storage for their business operations like sales and transactions, and run analytical queries in the public cloud.

In any case, in the business of cloud server hosting, India will see many players making serious inroads. A cloud server, after all creates a flexible and responsive environment.

For inclusive information on cloud hosting call; 1800-212-2022: Toll Free. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Various Reasons for Moving to VPS Hosting

Business owners have got an affordable yet feature rich and power-packed solution for their websites in VPS hosting. It is a very flexible solution and takes away the various restrictions that one finds in shared hosting. It matches the traits of the dedicated server.

What is VPS

A single dedicated server is segregated into numerous smaller virtual partitions that function as independent servers. The users have a choice of operating system and are allocated individual resources like CPU, bandwidth, RAM etc. Although sharing the server with other websites, customers here have complete control of their server. VPS hosting is the ideal midway choice meeting the demands of a growing business that are in need of dedicated resources but have budget restrictions.

Why to consider VPS

There are several advantages for businesses adopting VPS hosting:

• Customizable: They get root access to the server and are allowed to install any software that they need for their business development.

• Scalable: Clients can start on with low resources and increase their requirements as their growing business demands.

• Reliable: The client’s website performance is not affected even if another user draws more resources at peak traffic times.

• Continuity: Resources are made available from other servers on the network even if one of the servers fails. This guarantees there is no interruption in the website availability.

• Affordability: Since the server has many users like in a shared hosting, the overheads are split among the users making it very cost effective in comparison to the dedicated server which has only one entity and does not involve any sharing.

The VPS hosting provider in India is an experienced and highly reliable company that offers high quality hosting solutions for the varying needs of individual websites. They extend dedicated round the clock support to assist in solving any technical issues to ensure a smooth and seamless business performance. 

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