Thursday, 3 November 2016

What Benefits Can a Colocation Server Offer You?

A colocation server refers to a web server which is situated in a dedicated facility and equipped with resources like secure cages or cabinets, dedicated web connectivity, power supplies, enhanced security and technical supports. These colocation facilities will give the client enterprises a place where they can physically house their own servers or hardware instead of maintaining a private data center where the threats of accidents and fire outbreaks are high. Most of the colocation server India providers will guarantee high-end security measures like on-site surveillance cameras, fire detection and suppression mechanisms, filtered power, multiple connection feeds, backup generators etc.

With colocation server solutions, your business can enjoy significant cost savings. You will not have to buy costly hardware for storing data; neither will you have to maintain staff to secure servers. You can cut down on both capital and operational costs that are likely to escalate when your business grows. Instead of investing in expensive HVAC or UPS units, you can enjoy an excellent data center which is also scalable to your dynamic requirements.

Unlike a private data center which can face frequent power outages that disrupt your site’s functioning, a colocation server is protected by backup power generators for high-density computing needs. Your business continuity will always depend on uptime guarantees and a colocation server will typically be able to offer you a carrier neutral setting and high-end networking options to guarantee more reliability. You can also benefit from higher bandwidth which is more cost-effective in a colocation facility because you can get benefits of volume pricing. When you choose colocation server hosting, you will be able to avail of round-the-clock technical supports from experts when it comes t troubleshooting hardware problems.

Finally, colocation server hosting can avert data breaches; security breaches are becoming commonplace and with the penalties becoming costlier, a data breach can sound death knell for any business. Colocation facilities are equipped with multiple layers of security through cardkey entry, biometric access, cage locks, on-site surveillance etc. you will also get effective data backups and disaster recovery solutions when you sign up for colocation hosting.

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