Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Why Do Businesses Need a Cloud CDN?

Since the number of Internet users has gone up dramatically in the recent years, there is the need to ensure speedy Internet connections so that businesses can enjoy a global reach. The need for a content delivery network or CDN arose because it became important for websites to reduce their page loading times. With the help of a CDN, businesses can hope to deliver content much faster to their end-users. In a cloud CDN there will be many servers serving one website. This is why a cloud CDN solution can offer massive processing powers. Businesses can add more servers to increase their productivity and boost their growth further.

What are the benefits of choosing a cloud CDN?

1- Perhaps the biggest benefit of signing up for cloud CDN solutions is scalability. This means the site can enjoy expansion with very few limitations. Any effective cloud CDN service will offer hardware upgrades and load balancing features. This is why businesses do not have to worry about server crashes. With the help of software like API or Application Programming Interface, computers are able to interact with clouds. With a cloud CDN, users can get content access no matter where they are located. 

2- When you run a small business, you may be worried about escalating costs of hardware or software. With cloud CDN services, you can handle your business needs without having to make many upfront investments. These services will also help you to restore data when there are disasters. 

3- Cloud CDN solutions will also have multiple Points of Presence or PoPs. This means that users will be able to get information quickly, regardless of their geographical locations. There are multiple proxy servers which have cached site content and they can offer this content to end-users depending on how close they are situated. So, latency issues have become a thing of the past and it is indeed possible for businesses to enjoy a global audience. It also implies that sales will increase because long-distance transactions become faster and smoother. 

4- When your site takes too long to load, customers are discouraged and they may abandon the website. This adversely affects your sales and revenues. But with reliable CDN services you do not have to worry about page-loading speeds anymore. This ensures higher customer satisfaction and automatically better sales. 

5- For businesses which are trying to reach out to markets where they do not have a presence, cloud CDN services may be very helpful. In many countries, local firewalls prevent easy entry for businesses. But when you have multiple PoPs distributed across the world, this is no longer an issue. 

6- The data that CDN solutions will give help you to understand the current business trends. A study of these may help you come up with strategies to improve future sales. These advantages of cloud CDN solutions tell us why businesses can benefit from these.

Instead of having to buy infrastructure from other providers, they can sign up for cloud CDN services that are affordable and capable of working throughout the world. These services aim at getting maximum client satisfaction. Moreover, cloud CDN is completely reliable and secure, and is fast growing as a preferred hosting alternative for SMBs.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Cloud Server Hosting – Overview for the Dummies


Internet has become a phenomenon and an important part of our daily lives. With more dependence of businesses on internet and the evolving needs, online speed as well as storage capability has changed dramatically. In fact, internet related costs are also coming down dramatically with every passing year. All these aspects have created conducive environment for development of cloud servers in India. In fact, all these factors have also led to decreasing cost of servers too. However, many of us don’t have a clear idea on clouds, their functioning, what they really are, how they work, and many other queries. In this blog, all these aspects will be discussed.

What is Cloud Hosting Actually?

Cloud hosting has no physical demarcation as the arrangement involves electronic structure involving storage of data over multiple computers. Once a user queries for certain information, the relevant data is fetched from the electronic arrangement of computers or servers by using a network connection, which is generally internet. 

In a typical arrangement of cloud servers in India, there are multiple server farms that act as a single large storage space as well as processor. The data of a website (which includes HTML as well as CSS files, images, videos, and others) is actually spread over a cluster of hard drive servers that are connected together, thereby acting as a single entity. Cloud hosting can be compared with a virtual disk that comes with tremendous capacity. 

Comparison between Cloud and Internet

It may seem that cloud and internet are same as two sides of the same coin. However, there are certain differences too. Internet is a vast medium of network. Cloud is a small part of the entire internet. It can be said that internet behaves like a macroscopic cloud system.  The way the speed of bandwidth is increasing and the prices of electricity, storage of data, and data transfer are falling; the day is not far away when setting up a personal cloud network will not be a problem. In fact, it will become easier and faster to connect, share data, ideas, store, and more with the bludgeoning cloud hosting and computing.

How Computing Power is Divided in Cloud?

With the cloud system growing in size, the combination of different servers also scale. But the question is – how does it happen? Whether it is storage capacity or power distribution, both are controlled by a software operating system in the backend. 

If you are the server admin, you can use the terminal and login to the backend. Once you have logged in, you are now able to check load of the central processing unit of all the connected server machines of cloud system. You can also get thorough information on the vital system. The process of virtualisation involves abstraction layer between the hardware components and the software. Whether it is the efficiency of storage cluster, usage of optimal energy, data back-ups, or more, all can be optimised by the cloud server administrators. 

If there is any additional need, you can easily opt for the CDN (Content Delivery Network) that can be set-up with the cloud server for faster delivery of content and data. The customers of the service are only required to pay for the bandwidth. The streaming music, images, videos, and other large media files can be transferred in matter of moments. This faster delivery of content facility is also known as utility computing.  

Cloud is becoming More and More Popular

Cloud servers in India are gaining popularity because of the availability of public, private, and hybrid cloud environment. They provide customers with more availability, flexibility, better security, and many more.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting- Customized Best & Cheap Web Hosting

A Cheap Windows VPS hosting is a VPS hosting service or a Virtual Private Server hosting that is offered as a virtual hosting service by an Internet hosting service. This service is sold as a virtual machine to the customer.

A Cheap Windows VPS hosting is a VPS hosting that is controlled and operated by Microsoft operating system. The Cheap Windows VPS hosting is popularly known as Windows virtual hosting. This Microsoft operating system is also known as Windows server. Many versions of Windows servers are available, such as 2016, 2012, 2008 and the use of server depends on the choice of the customer. These versions of Windows server vary on system resources; some have more than the others. 

Cheap Windows VPS hosting is available for the customers who wish to enjoy Microsoft operating system in their virtual server hosting for their websites and business functions, at a nominal rate. This Cheap Windows VPS hosting remains as a boon to business personnel with limited funds to enjoy full scale virtual hosting services with use of Microsoft applications and software in a Microsoft operating system. 

 Advantages of Cheap Windows VPS hosting

1. A cheap Windows virtual hosting arrangements always create a virtual server along with a physical server. 

2. Many digital servers are made in a single physical server machine by Windows VPS server hosting. This facilitates the clients to enjoy in reasonable price, packages for running websites, store data, and have many adaptable added on services. That is why Windows VPS hosting is known as Cheap windows VPS hosting.  

3. Cheap Windows VPS hosting offers high scalability and access to increased number of resources at a nominal rate. Windows VPS hosting also offers easy need based augmentation facility to customers. 

4. Cheap Windows VPS hosting proves to be a solution  of choice to those customers who are at the initial state of their businesses and are unable to predict their websites visitor’s traffic load.  Cheap Windows VPS hosting can be very easily upgraded to a greater resource pool as and when the situation demands.

5. Cheap Windows VPS hosting offers a powerful boost in resources. It has more flexible bandwidth. This protects the websites from crashing or a slow websites for the visitors to websites even when the customers load the websites with additional services.

6. Cheap Windows VPS hosting increases data storage space when the data base number increases at no extra cost. 

Cheap VPS hosting

Cheap VPS hosting is available in an economical pricing structure in comparison to dedicated or shared server hosting. But it offers optimum performance of high speed loading with stable operation even in heavy traffic of web visitors.  The cheap VPS hosting offers more disc space, CPU and RAM with flexibility to choose operating system and computer software to the customers. 

The cheap VPS hosting also has options of root access, giving full control to customers over their VPS account, from configuration to installation. These hosting can be fully managed by the customers, with server monitoring and domain hosting by them. 

Cheap VPS hosting, Cheap Windows VPS hosting are hosting platforms to boost commerce in this country. These hosting are ideal solutions to businessmen doing their businesses in limited financial resources. They attain optimum hosting services and facilities at a very economical price to make their business profitable, right from beginning to the optimum stage of business.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Reasons Why Businesses Moving to Windows Dedicated Server

If you have a website, you need the services of a web host to operate it effectively and smoothly. Undoubtedly, dedicated server hosting based on the Windows operating system is the best hosting platform for any website. However, before going into details of Windows dedicated server, let us first understand what exactly is dedicated server. 

Understanding Dedicated Server 

As the name suggest, it is a web hosting service that is exclusive for one single user. In this technology, the client completely owns the server and its resources, including the operating system, hardware, and software. The client gets complete administrative control over the server and doesn’t need to share it with the other clients of the hosting company. Dedicated hosting is the most powerful and flexible form of web hosting. It is a great choice for companies that look to scale their business online. More and more businesses prefer dedicated hosting because it gives their websites more flexibility, security and reliability as well as unique IP address and maximum uptime. 

When it comes to choosing an operating system for your dedicated server, you have the choice of selecting between Windows and Linux. Both the operating systems have their benefits and depending on your business needs and convenience, you can make the choice. However, our topic is about Windows dedicated server, so we will be discussing its benefits for businesses. 

Here is a complete list of features and benefits of hosting your website on a Windows dedicated hosting platform. 

• As we all know, a Windows dedicated hosting environment is built upon the NT technology. So, it is a stable platform.   

• It is easy to manage and install. 

• Windows is a dynamic operating system. A dedicated server on this operating system is compatible with a lot of software, such as email software, process software, and control panels. There is no other operating system in the market that has such a vast software compatibility. 

• With a Windows dedicated hosting environment, you can efficiently run and access software or applications that are developed on ASP.net programming platform.

• You can also access Windows Media Services. 

Apart from these features, a Windows dedicated server has all the standard features of a dedicated server, such as 

• Complete administrative access to the server.

• You get the option to choose and customize your own hardware, software, operating system, and any other managed service. 

• Choosing a dedicated server ensures maximum uptime for a website.

• Unlimited amount of bandwidth, CPU, RAM, and disk storage.

• You get round the clock technical and customer support for any issue. 

• It also comes with the option of upgrading or downgrading resources, depending on the business needs of websites.

• The performance of other websites running on the servers of your host would not affect the performance of your website. So, no chance of server slow down.

• With a dedicated server, your website is completely safe and secure because you are not sharing space with a potential spammer or a malicious website. So, it is an ideal hosting platform for companies dealing with confidential data or sensitive financial transactions. 

With all these benefits, you can be 100 percent sure that a dedicated server will help your business achieve success. However, Windows dedicated hosting is one of the most expensive forms of web hosting platforms because it is not a free operating system and comes with a licensing fee. However, there are several companies in the market that offer cheap dedicated server in India without compromising on the quality. CloudOYE is one such company that offers a range of affordable and customized plans for dedicated hosting and all other forms of web hosting services.    

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Why is Cloud Server Hosting India Popular?

Cloud server hosting India plans are becoming popular amongst both individuals and businesses because of the many advantages they offer over traditional web hosting. Businesses which are keen to sign up with cloud server hosting India companies can choose from a variety of computing models, namely, public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud that is a mix of both. In a public cloud hosting environment the provider will make the applications, data storage and resources available to general public over the Internet. In a private cloud, the cloud infrastructure is dedicated to a specific enterprise alone. This explains why public cloud hosting typically turns out to be more cost-effective compared to private clouds because you do not need to buy dedicated hardware. Private clouds will also require you to pay more for managing and updating costs. In a public cloud, the hardware and servers are placed in a third party premise and clients can pay according to a pay-as-you-go model.

What benefits will you get from cloud server hosting India?
  • Scalability: When you choose to sign up for cloud servers in India, one of the most important benefits you will enjoy is scalability and flexibility. You can avail of extra resources as and when necessary depending on the traffic to your website. So, cloud server hosting is best suited for businesses which get traffic spikes at certain times of the year or for businesses which find it hard to predict resources.
  • Cost-Savings: Another major benefit which cloud server hosting India plans can offer is cost effectiveness. You will need to pay only for resources that you use and nothing extra. You are free to upscale and downscale the resources. Neither will you need to buy hardware for storage, nor do you need personnel to manage the servers.
  • Reliability: Compared to traditional hosting, cloud hosting is far more reliable. This is because there are multiple servers from which you can get your resources. So, even if a single server fails or crashes for some reason, there are active servers where the workload will be redirected.

To choose a reliable cloud hosting provider, there are some easy tips that you could follow:

  •  Before you sign up with any cloud server hosting India provider, you need to review its SLA carefully to check for uptime guarantees. This is especially vital when you run an ecommerce site which deals with online monetary transactions. In the absence of a high uptime, your sales will get affected .
  • You must also inquire how the vendor tackles frequent power outages. There must be appropriate remediation guarantees which are easy to understand.
  • While some businesses prefer to go with the public clouds as these are more cost-effective, others may choose an open model in which there will not be any vendor lock-in. 
  • When choosing a provider, you must also ensure that you can get technical supports from it any time you need it. You should check to see if there is a proper team of engineers to assist you instead of links referring you to a FAQ page for assistance.
  •  Besides, your cloud vendor should be one that can provide you will flexible deployment models depending on your needs. So, you should be able to keep the non-sensitive data and operations in a public cloud setting while storing the sensitive data in a private cloud. Again, for companies running transactional databases, latency problems are common. This is why you need a vendor which has its data centers located close by. 
  • As far as costs go, you must choose a cloud provider only after carefully reviewing and comparing the prices offered by different vendors. While cloud hosting is considered to be more economical compared to traditional web hosting, hidden costs are there and one should be wary of these.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Why Are Public Cloud Servers Better Than Private Cloud Servers?

Public cloud servers are offered by a cloud vendor for businesses which want an inexpensive but secure set-up for data storage. In a public cloud which is founded on a regular cloud computing model, the vendor will offer computing resources to the clients via the Internet. Resources are obtained from a massive resource pool jointly held by multiple servers connected to one another in an underlying network. 

Public cloud servers will charge enterprises on a pay-as-you-go basis or these services may also be offered free of cost. With public cloud server, you can enjoy cost-effective and simple installation for storing your mission-critical data and applications. Cloud hosting plans are highly scalable allowing your business to get resources whenever you need them. Resource allocation is optimal and there is no wasted capacity.

 How are public cloud servers different from private clouds?

1- Public cloud servers will offer resources to the general public across the Internet. In a private cloud, resources are obtained from multiple servers too but these are made available to a single enterprise only. So, while public cloud servers will cater to many clients through shared infrastructure, a private cloud will cater to a single client only. With the public cloud, you can enjoy a high degree or scalability because resources are always available on demand. This is because the public cloud has a huge resource pool belonging to multiple servers. This ensures that clients can respond to traffic spikes seamlessly  

2- Compared to private clouds, public cloud servers are far cheaper. Since they get resources from various servers, they can achieve economies of scale. In a public cloud, you do not have to worry about spending a fortune on buying costly hardware for storage. You follow the pay-as-you-go model and you are not required to maintain a private data center. However, when you opt for private clouds, your organization may have to set up and maintain servers to cope with traffic demands. 

3- Public cloud servers are very cost effective. Most vendors will charge their clients on a pay-as-you-use basis. So, there is no wastage of resources and consumers only pay for resources that they use. 

4- The biggest advantage of choosing public cloud servers is because of their reliability. The redundancy configurations suggest that in case any single server or component fails to function, cloud services are not affected. Sometimes, the entire data center can go offline. But that will not disrupt individual cloud services. So, in other words, with public cloud hosting, there is no one point of failure. 

5- When you choose public cloud servers, you can benefit from location independence. This means that cloud hosting services will be available everywhere as long as there is web connectivity. It does not matter where the client is situated. This feature allows remote access to the cloud set-up which is vital in times of emergencies. Employees are also free to collaborate on documents online; so work productivity also improves. 

6- Finally, with the public cloud, you can choose from a variety of services like IaaS, PaaS or SaaS as long as you have a device which is connected to the Internet. These services are designed to take care of most of your computing tasks. They can offer advantages to both individuals and businesses. It is even possible for companies to integrate their sensitive business functions (private cloud services) with routine non-sensitive tasks (public cloud services) in a hybrid cloud setting.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Advantages A Reliable Cloud Hosting Provider Can Offer To Businesses

In the hosting world, Cloud hosting is the new normal. Virtual servers that run in a cloud computing environment are known as Cloud servers. While they are also called Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDSs), unlike them, cloud servers run as software-independent units. This hosting service is preferred mostly over traditional dedicated servers, especially with low to mid-level servers, since these prove excellent at all functionalities.

Cloud Migration

More and more businesses of all types and sizes are making the move to the Cloud because Cloud Hosting offers a lot of benefits to them. The very first of the lot is flexibility in terms of working times. Most employees, nowadays, prefer working at times that allow them to create the perfect work-life balance. With cloud services, businesses can offer flexi-times to their employees and get work done without hurting their productivity.

Cloud servers are more stable and secure than all the other options. They offer the best stability/cost ratio performance. Not only are they super-fast, they also do not suffer from the normal hardware issues that other servers appear to duel with all the time.

This option offers disaster recovery solutions which help the client to rest assured that their mission critical applications and important data will be safe and secure in times of natural calamities too.

More advantages

Then there is document control along with the ability to modify the server software according to one’s unique business requirements. If a business so wants, they can request their Cloud Hosting Provider to customize plans that are built completely around their needs.

Cloud computing allows business teams to access, edit, and share documents anytime, anywhere. The ease of visibility of collaboration, cloud-based workflow, and file sharing apps – all of these enhance business operations. This solution is environment friendly too. Almost zero carbon footprints are left behind when a business wants to scale up and down virtually.

This is an excellent option for businesses that see fluctuations in bandwidth usage. This is because in this solution, any kind of usage scalability is easily manageable. With the robust network of servers this service relies on, scaling up and down is child’s play for the client. It is the duty of the Cloud Hosting Provider to ensure there are automatic software updates and that all the management issues are taken care of well in time. The client doesn’t have to bother about all these issues.

Some people consider reduced hardware expenditure as the biggest benefit of this service. It has a subscription, pay-as-you-go model. This is truly beneficial for a budding business that can easily afford for pay for exactly what they use. There are no hidden charges.

When one is seeking the perfect hosting solution for their business requirements, the first name that comes to their mind is CloudOYE - the leading provider of hosting solutions of all kinds. This premier company offers web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, data centers, Cloud Hosting, and more. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

What Benefits Can Your Business Gain with Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Your online business will need to run on the Windows servers if you have built your website on the Microsoft technologies of ASP.NET, MSSQL and MSACCESS. You require a strong, affordable, and flexible plan for your growing business which you will find in the cheap Windows VPS hosting. VPS hosting is a midway solution between the low-resource shared hosting and the high-end dedicated server. VPS servers are created by splitting a dedicated server into numerous virtual servers.

What is VPS:

Your websites will be sharing the server with other businesses but unlike in shared hosting, your servers are stored in independent containers and you get more assured resources, complete privacy and better security. Your VPS is setup on the Hyper V virtualization platform. You get administrative control over your server which gives you the liberty to configure the server and install software of your choice. It means that your cheap Windows VPS hosting gives you features that you get on a dedicated server.

However, dedicated server is more expensive since it has only one entity occupying the entire server and the server expenses must be borne by that single entity. But in VPS there are numerous websites and the server cost gets split among all of them cutting the costs. Likewise, shared hosting has more websites sharing the server than the VPS which makes shared hosting the least expensive hosting option. The cheap Windows VPS hosting are preferable over the Windows dedicated server to bring the expenses further down.   It is an ideal solution for the small businesses who now spend less and yet get the benefits of a dedicated server.

Benefits you get with cheap VPS hosting India:

- Adapt and configure the server in any manner that your business may need.

- You have total administrative control to your server area and the flexibility to install any software application that you find useful for your business.

- Your websites are independently hosted in containers. Even if one of the other accounts over draw resources to manage sudden high traffic, it will not have any impact on the performance of your site.

- You are given a dedicated IP address which keeps your website separate from the other accounts sharing the server.

- You have host any number of websites in your own space for your businesses. No other entity can enter your container and this guarantees you of utmost privacy

All the cheap Windows VPS hosting plans come with a control panel that makes it more convenient for you to manage your server. Choose a provider that offers 24/7 technical support for you to reach them in case you require some assistance with the Windows servers. One vital advantage that you have is the vast assistance Microsoft offers in the form of tutorials and FAQs.

In addition, Microsoft updates all its technologies frequently with security patches. The cheap Windows VPS hosting providers offer anti-virus protection. Your servers are hosted in highly secured data centers that are redundantly equipped.

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