Wednesday, 30 July 2014

How Public Cloud Hosting has Powered Cloud Computing Services

In today’s dynamic business environment, firms are increasingly focusing on achieving faster time-to-market in an economical and efficient way. It is for this reason; IT industry is facing challenges to maintain greater scrutiny in order to ascertain control and security for retaining its critical business data. To confront these challenges, companies are moving from a device-centric IT environment to a highly focused and evolving public cloud hosting paradigm.

The term “cloud” is often used in so many scenarios that its actual meaning is entirely lost. In some cases, people mistakenly consider cloud computing as similar to the Internet. However, cloud technology mainly refers to the way by which a company can increase or add capabilities, without investing in IT infrastructure, hiring and training new employees, and licensing latest software. Under this ecosystem; information, shared resources, and software are provided to the computing devices over a network or the Internet. Clouds can be categorized as private, public and hybrid.

Selecting Between Public and Private Cloud Infrastructure

The decision of a customer to choose between the public & private cloud infrastructure mainly depends on the major benefits of the model as well as the services offered by a cloud server hosting provider. For instance, a company looking for a platform that delivers advantages like scalability, optimum utilization of resources, improved version, quick response times, and has the capabilities of increasing the server base, then public cloud hosting is the best solution. While if a firm is seeking a solution that requires physical isolation, server consolidation, geographically dispersed data center facilities, and on-demand scalability, then they should opt for a service provider offering private cloud services.

Let me take you through various factors that have contributed to the popularity of public cloud over the private cloud hosting:
  1. Private clouds deploy older technology as compared to the public clouds
  2. Public cloud infrastructure works on pay-as-you-go model and hence provides a better option for the companies to manage traffic spikes
  3. As compared to the private cloud infrastructure, public clouds shift capital outlays to operational expenditures.
  4. Public cloud offers better elasticity
Finally, public cloud offers better economies of scale and keeps infrastructure costs low for the new projects.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Dedicated server India- Perk up your website performance

With the rising competition in the market, undoubtedly it has become utmost significant for businesses to have strong online presence. And, for creation of strong web presence they need to have their own corporate website. However, creation of commercial web page isn’t the end of the task. Rather, main work starts from here. Since, the next major step that you need to take is to host your website on robust hosting platform. It is a bit arduous task, but not that difficult as it appears to be. All you need to do is to get acquainted with different types of hosting provisions already available in the market and accordingly choose the option that matches perfectly with your requirements. One of the hosting options that can help you speed up your website performance is dedicated server India.

Some the key aspects of cheap server hosting in India are as mentioned below:
  • Dedicated server India is highly recommended for the businesses those who want to have complete control over the resources of their website.
  • Since the users don’t have to share their resources with others users their website never faces downtime problem. That they can face while hosting their site on a shared server.
  • One of the best aspects of dedicated server is that they are more reliable. As the server is not shared among different users hence the server never runs the risk of being overloaded with sudden surge in web traffic.
  • Dedicated server is highly secure as nobody can access the server except server owner.
  • It enables the user to scale their resources up or down as per their changing requirements.
  • Additionally, it empowers the user to customize the settings of the firewall applications.
Hence, I would like to conclude by saying that make a right choice and reinforce the bottom lines of your business.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Why should business consider opting for best cloud storage?

With the advent of cloud computing, more and more online service providers have come forward to offer effective and best cloud storages olutions. Despite the fact, cloud technology has been talked about much more since last few years, yet there are some of the businesses who are still not much acquainted with the new technology. They still feel bewildered with the lingo.
Cloud Data Center

Do you know what exactly falls under the category of best cloud storage provision and what all you need to consider before choosing a right service provider for the same. By now, almost everyone must have heard about the term cloud. However, there are many who wouldn’t be much aware it. Definitely, as a layman it isn’t easy to get to know about the core technology behind the new things that we are using.
Most of us are nowadays using cloud storage provision in one or another way. Nevertheless, they are not at all aware about the real technology behind it. Well, I would like to discuss in brief about the cloud data center in India through this post.

Cloud storage definition:

Cloud storage is a practice through which the cloud vendor facilitates the user with a remote storage provision, wherein they can store their data that can be accessed by them anytime and from anywhere.

Some of the key aspects of the best cloud storage provision that you harness to attain more operational efficiency are:
  • Security: - Now you don’t have to worry at all about the security of your data. As it remains safe in a highly secured cloud environment.
  • Accessibility - This provision of cloud enables you to access your mission critical data without time and location constraints. It certainly gives you complete freedom to access the same data from your any handheld device through Internet.
  • Cost: -One of the key feature of cloud-based storage provision is that it is highly economical as compared to other storage provisions
Hence, there are numerous cloud data center in India. Choose the right service partner and reap the benefits of best cloud storage solutions.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Key attributes of Cloud Server

The development in information and technology over past few decades has completely transformed online scenario. Earlier businesses used to sell products and services only through physical stores. With the passage of time and emergence of Internet, businesses entirely revolutionized their approach of sell or deliver of their product and services. They started creating websites to gain online traction and build visibility to expand their client base simply by reaching out the target audience. However, onus of any business doesn’t get over here only. In order to keep their website up and running all the time they need to have potent hosting solutions.
And, one such name that has gained lot of popularity in the hosting industry in past few years is cloud server. It is a type of hosting wherein the end users make use of virtualized and dynamically scalable infrastructure as per their business requirements. In cloud server hosting, users can select any type of operating system and other required infrastructure components.

Some of the key attributes of cloud server that you can consider before choosing are as mentioned below:
  • Pay as you go model - Cloud Server Hosting enables the end user to pay according to the resources consumed by the users.
  • Comprehensive control : - Now control your website with web interface or API.
  • Reduced cost - It completely slashes down your overall CAPEX. No need to incur any upfront cost on purchase of the hardware and software applications.
  • Scalability - These servers facilitates the end user with amazing capability of scalability and the capability to move data from one server of the network to another.
  • Data backup - In comparison to other hosting provisions, users get automatic backup provisions which enables you keep your data safe from any unexpected events of disaster.
Hence, improve the performance of in-house IT infrastructure simply by embracing this new emerging technology and stay ahead in the competition.


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