Friday, 11 July 2014

Key attributes of Cloud Server

The development in information and technology over past few decades has completely transformed online scenario. Earlier businesses used to sell products and services only through physical stores. With the passage of time and emergence of Internet, businesses entirely revolutionized their approach of sell or deliver of their product and services. They started creating websites to gain online traction and build visibility to expand their client base simply by reaching out the target audience. However, onus of any business doesn’t get over here only. In order to keep their website up and running all the time they need to have potent hosting solutions.
And, one such name that has gained lot of popularity in the hosting industry in past few years is cloud server. It is a type of hosting wherein the end users make use of virtualized and dynamically scalable infrastructure as per their business requirements. In cloud server hosting, users can select any type of operating system and other required infrastructure components.

Some of the key attributes of cloud server that you can consider before choosing are as mentioned below:
  • Pay as you go model - Cloud Server Hosting enables the end user to pay according to the resources consumed by the users.
  • Comprehensive control : - Now control your website with web interface or API.
  • Reduced cost - It completely slashes down your overall CAPEX. No need to incur any upfront cost on purchase of the hardware and software applications.
  • Scalability - These servers facilitates the end user with amazing capability of scalability and the capability to move data from one server of the network to another.
  • Data backup - In comparison to other hosting provisions, users get automatic backup provisions which enables you keep your data safe from any unexpected events of disaster.
Hence, improve the performance of in-house IT infrastructure simply by embracing this new emerging technology and stay ahead in the competition.


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