Thursday, 25 May 2017

Why is Cloud Server Hosting India Popular?

Cloud server hosting India plans are becoming popular amongst both individuals and businesses because of the many advantages they offer over traditional web hosting. Businesses which are keen to sign up with cloud server hosting India companies can choose from a variety of computing models, namely, public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud that is a mix of both. In a public cloud hosting environment the provider will make the applications, data storage and resources available to general public over the Internet. In a private cloud, the cloud infrastructure is dedicated to a specific enterprise alone. This explains why public cloud hosting typically turns out to be more cost-effective compared to private clouds because you do not need to buy dedicated hardware. Private clouds will also require you to pay more for managing and updating costs. In a public cloud, the hardware and servers are placed in a third party premise and clients can pay according to a pay-as-you-go model.

What benefits will you get from cloud server hosting India?
  • Scalability: When you choose to sign up for cloud servers in India, one of the most important benefits you will enjoy is scalability and flexibility. You can avail of extra resources as and when necessary depending on the traffic to your website. So, cloud server hosting is best suited for businesses which get traffic spikes at certain times of the year or for businesses which find it hard to predict resources.
  • Cost-Savings: Another major benefit which cloud server hosting India plans can offer is cost effectiveness. You will need to pay only for resources that you use and nothing extra. You are free to upscale and downscale the resources. Neither will you need to buy hardware for storage, nor do you need personnel to manage the servers.
  • Reliability: Compared to traditional hosting, cloud hosting is far more reliable. This is because there are multiple servers from which you can get your resources. So, even if a single server fails or crashes for some reason, there are active servers where the workload will be redirected.

To choose a reliable cloud hosting provider, there are some easy tips that you could follow:

  •  Before you sign up with any cloud server hosting India provider, you need to review its SLA carefully to check for uptime guarantees. This is especially vital when you run an ecommerce site which deals with online monetary transactions. In the absence of a high uptime, your sales will get affected .
  • You must also inquire how the vendor tackles frequent power outages. There must be appropriate remediation guarantees which are easy to understand.
  • While some businesses prefer to go with the public clouds as these are more cost-effective, others may choose an open model in which there will not be any vendor lock-in. 
  • When choosing a provider, you must also ensure that you can get technical supports from it any time you need it. You should check to see if there is a proper team of engineers to assist you instead of links referring you to a FAQ page for assistance.
  •  Besides, your cloud vendor should be one that can provide you will flexible deployment models depending on your needs. So, you should be able to keep the non-sensitive data and operations in a public cloud setting while storing the sensitive data in a private cloud. Again, for companies running transactional databases, latency problems are common. This is why you need a vendor which has its data centers located close by. 
  • As far as costs go, you must choose a cloud provider only after carefully reviewing and comparing the prices offered by different vendors. While cloud hosting is considered to be more economical compared to traditional web hosting, hidden costs are there and one should be wary of these.


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