Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Get Ultimate Business Benefits with Hybrid Cloud Hosting


Businesses that have been skeptical about the sharing of their sensitive data in the public cloud have the hybrid cloud to consider. With hybrid cloud hosting, businesses can combine the best features of both the private cloud and public cloud. They move all their mission critical applications behind the firewalls of a dedicated server in the private cloud while hosting their non-sensitive data and applications on the public cloud.

Features of hybrid cloud hosting:
  • Hybrid cloud is customizable. Requirements of a business keep changing constantly. Hybrid cloud allows the users to move their applications from one cloud to the other as and when demands arises.
  • It allows the clients to take advantage of the best features of both the clouds at reduced costs. Businesses can find the best solutions without compromising on security or scalability features keeping it affordable.
  • Hybrid cloud eliminates the need of investing in underutilized resource infrastructure. 
  • Hybrid gives its users a combined experience of colocation, high performing dedicated server and the highly scalable features of the cloud servers. 
  • Clients can scale the services instantly as hybrid cloud offers quick access to any of the resources required to handle all types of traffic spikes. 
  • Businesses can cut down their storage costs as they can scale the shared server of public cloud whenever needed without the necessity of paying for unutilized resources. 
The data is stored offsite and can be easily accessed by the clients at any time and from any location. Hybrid cloud hosting offers an excellent data recovery solution at times of data loss due to computer crashing or some unexpected disaster that could mean huge losses to a client.

Private cloud hosting offers an isolated space to the client which is not accessible by any other entity. The customers have complete control eliminating the concerns of data security and other limitations experienced in a public cloud.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Best Features of Cloud Hosting

Cloud technology offers hosting of websites on virtual servers where the computing resources are gathered from various physical servers that are housed in remote locations across the globe. They are offered over any public networking system like the internet. Cloud hosting is a form of service that allows the customers to draw as much of resources as they want.


There are many features of cloud hosting that distinguish it from the traditional physical servers.

• Easy Setup: Cloud server can be launched within minutes. Clients do not have to wait till machines are physically installed and can start off on their business instantly. More servers can be added with just a few clicks.

• Reliable: Cloud servers are independent of each other. Unlike in shared hosting the clients are not affected by the activities of the other users on the servers.

• Secure:  Content in the cloud is safe. Since the data is spread across several servers, it is well protected against any hardware failures. Snapshots and automated backups add to the protection.

• Scalable:  The cloud servers are highly scalable. Clients have the liberty to increase or reduce the resources as per their requirements. This saves a lot of money for the clients as they need not buy resources they may not use. The upgrading can be done with simple clicks without the need for any physical activity.

The best cloud hosting plans is affordable, assure of maximum uptime, and flexible giving the clients plenty of choices for expansion as their business grows. The plans generally include unlimited domains, dedicated disk space, bandwidth and memory.

Cloud hosting is very cost-effective. There are no installation costs and the clients are charged on an hourly basis for the services they utilize. This is far more affordable for the users as it does not require them to buy resources they do not use unlike in dedicated hosting where they need to buy resources in advance as per plans opted.  

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Data Center Solutions for Businesses

Business houses require a secluded and highly efficient space to store their IT infrastructure. Keeping it in-house can be space occupying and may work out to be an expensive affair which again may not be feasible for all. They can avail the data center facilities that the web hosting providers offer.

Advantages to businesses: 

Some of the benefits that businesses get with data center services include:

 Assured power supply
 No capital investment on space or infrastructure
 No installation and maintenance issues
 24/7  technical support
 High speed broadband services
 Quality infrastructure
 High-level  security

How are the data centers furnished?

The infrastructure requirements at a data center are high and very expensive. Startups and small businesses cannot afford to make huge investments on:

1. Power backup equipments:

Computers and servers require continuous power supply. The data centers are well equipped with backups systems like generators, UPS systems and invertors.  The computers are automatically diverted to the power backups in case of power outage.

2. Cooling systems: 

Continuous running can heat up the systems so to keep the environment cool internally these plants have ample cooling equipments like chillers, cool water units, air-conditioners, heat removal and air distribution units.

3. Safety provisions:

The data centers are equipped with fire fighting devices and water seepage detection equipments. Trained personnel monitor the plant regularly.

4. Security: 

The data centers are cordoned with wire fencing and razor meshes. Armed security personnel man the premises round the clock. In addition access is restricted to authorized people with biometric card system. Monitoring is done through CCTV cameras and man traps to prevent intruders and thieves from breaking in.

The data center service providers in India are affordable and suitable to all types of businesses. The services are scalable and assure of maximum uptime and high speed the two crucial requirements for every website. They assure of branded and latest infrastructure with quality customer support.


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