Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Get Ultimate Business Benefits with Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Businesses that have been skeptical about the sharing of their sensitive data in the public cloud have the hybrid cloud to consider. With hybrid cloud hosting, businesses can combine the best features of both the private cloud and public cloud. They move all their mission critical applications behind the firewalls of a dedicated server in the private cloud while hosting their non-sensitive data and applications on the public cloud.

Features of hybrid cloud hosting:
  • Hybrid cloud is customizable. Requirements of a business keep changing constantly. Hybrid cloud allows the users to move their applications from one cloud to the other as and when demands arises.
  • It allows the clients to take advantage of the best features of both the clouds at reduced costs. Businesses can find the best solutions without compromising on security or scalability features keeping it affordable.
  • Hybrid cloud eliminates the need of investing in underutilized resource infrastructure. 
  • Hybrid gives its users a combined experience of colocation, high performing dedicated server and the highly scalable features of the cloud servers. 
  • Clients can scale the services instantly as hybrid cloud offers quick access to any of the resources required to handle all types of traffic spikes. 
  • Businesses can cut down their storage costs as they can scale the shared server of public cloud whenever needed without the necessity of paying for unutilized resources. 
The data is stored offsite and can be easily accessed by the clients at any time and from any location. Hybrid cloud hosting offers an excellent data recovery solution at times of data loss due to computer crashing or some unexpected disaster that could mean huge losses to a client.

Private cloud hosting offers an isolated space to the client which is not accessible by any other entity. The customers have complete control eliminating the concerns of data security and other limitations experienced in a public cloud.


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