Friday, 28 April 2017

What Benefits Can Your Business Gain with Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Your online business will need to run on the Windows servers if you have built your website on the Microsoft technologies of ASP.NET, MSSQL and MSACCESS. You require a strong, affordable, and flexible plan for your growing business which you will find in the cheap Windows VPS hosting. VPS hosting is a midway solution between the low-resource shared hosting and the high-end dedicated server. VPS servers are created by splitting a dedicated server into numerous virtual servers.

What is VPS:

Your websites will be sharing the server with other businesses but unlike in shared hosting, your servers are stored in independent containers and you get more assured resources, complete privacy and better security. Your VPS is setup on the Hyper V virtualization platform. You get administrative control over your server which gives you the liberty to configure the server and install software of your choice. It means that your cheap Windows VPS hosting gives you features that you get on a dedicated server.

However, dedicated server is more expensive since it has only one entity occupying the entire server and the server expenses must be borne by that single entity. But in VPS there are numerous websites and the server cost gets split among all of them cutting the costs. Likewise, shared hosting has more websites sharing the server than the VPS which makes shared hosting the least expensive hosting option. The cheap Windows VPS hosting are preferable over the Windows dedicated server to bring the expenses further down.   It is an ideal solution for the small businesses who now spend less and yet get the benefits of a dedicated server.

Benefits you get with cheap VPS hosting India:

- Adapt and configure the server in any manner that your business may need.

- You have total administrative control to your server area and the flexibility to install any software application that you find useful for your business.

- Your websites are independently hosted in containers. Even if one of the other accounts over draw resources to manage sudden high traffic, it will not have any impact on the performance of your site.

- You are given a dedicated IP address which keeps your website separate from the other accounts sharing the server.

- You have host any number of websites in your own space for your businesses. No other entity can enter your container and this guarantees you of utmost privacy

All the cheap Windows VPS hosting plans come with a control panel that makes it more convenient for you to manage your server. Choose a provider that offers 24/7 technical support for you to reach them in case you require some assistance with the Windows servers. One vital advantage that you have is the vast assistance Microsoft offers in the form of tutorials and FAQs.

In addition, Microsoft updates all its technologies frequently with security patches. The cheap Windows VPS hosting providers offer anti-virus protection. Your servers are hosted in highly secured data centers that are redundantly equipped.

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