Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Comprehend What Are Cloud Servers And Engage The Best Service Provider

In this era of internet small and big businesses, need to run their website efficiently. Many commercials can be now seen on the internet propounding facts about what are cloud servers. It is important to comprehend what are cloud servers in order to compete in the global ecommerce markets. Cloud server can be defined as the servers that provide computing resource for cloud computing.

Efficient networking in the cloud computing is the futuristic trend for your server and networking needs of your online business. However, in online businesses, not many resources are accessible at their disposal, which are needed for operating the regular applications and processes for running of their businesses. In fact the servers network together so as to give a single pool of computing power from which cloud based services can take out their resource..

Innovative Online businesses understand what are cloud servers and intend to make the best use of cloud server hosting services. Business which prefer cloud networking are now reviewing services of companies which offer network cloud server hosting .Cloud services can be categorized by using three models namely Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service.

Many cloud server providers in India have gained immense popularity in the recent times. There are numerous Benefits of a cloud hosting service. .But prior to engaging such a service, it is crucial to find out how server hosting is being powered and the numerous methods of operation.

Besides this in order to boost the networking requirements of your business website, you need to hire one of the best cloud computing services. You need to select cloud server providers, which offer best customization as well as highest functionality. You need not be stressed about any hassles related to the maintenance of your hardware. They should be reliable and efficiently transfer data, with fast speed.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Implementing the Solutions provided by a Disaster Recovery Provider in India

Engaging the services and implementing the solutions of a disaster recovery provider in India that uses cloud based mechanisms for data recovery, could indeed be a stitch in time saving nine or even ninety! However, some basic preparatory measures would be warranted before engaging such a service.

Start with a Need Evaluation

The very first step towards implementing the services of a disaster recovery provider in India would be to evaluate the current needs your organization possesses. Although this might seem like the most simple and mundane procedure to undertake, the ensuing results could be major factors in determining the configuration and infrastructure you will need to put in place for facilitating a cloud server based data protection system.

For example, in some companies, primary backups are replicated to the cloud storage where they can enjoy enhanced protection from elements that could disable a data center, for instance, natural calamities. In other companies, virtual machines may be replicated and shifted to the cloud so that can be hosted there when it is no longer possible to host them in the locally created data center.

Selecting a Cloud Server Solution Provider

The next and possibly the most important step is to select a disaster recovery provider in India that utilizes cloud based solutions for enhanced data protection. Now that you have your specific needs on the table, it is important to understand that not every cloud provider would be equipped to tackle every situation. Some providers would be allowing replication of a virtual machine but will not be able to host it. Some may offer less of storage space. If you are aiming at creating a secure site that depends largely upon a cloud based disaster recovery solution, you will need to track down a cloud service provider that offers the specific capabilities required. 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Reasons to Hire Cloud CDN Providers India

CDN or content delivery network refers to a large system of servers that have been installed in various data centers over the Internet. CDN aims to provide content to the end-users with high performance and high availability. Since there are more than 2.4 billion web users today, businesses can reach out to consumers worldwide. This is why cloud CDN providers India have become popular these days.

How does cloud CDN work?

CDN is a group of caching servers that act like local caches for the static files.  This collection of servers delivers data to different edge locations and assigns a URL to it. Whenever a request is made to these edge servers, cloud CDN providers India identify location of such requests and re-routes the data to the fastest servers. This helps to cut down latency and improved bandwidth so that data becomes easily accessible throughout the network.

Cloud hosting India companies have offered large virtual servers which can deliver files much faster and seamlessly than regular physical servers. Using the CDN webmasters can now store alternate static files in worldwide servers. Packet requests are then sent to users depending on the locations to enable files to be loaded much faster. Files can also be stored in the cloud to be shared with colleagues or friends. In other words, virtualized servers in clouds offer users a far easier and quicker means of accessing files.

Amongst the multiple advantages provided by cloud CDN providers India, the most important is that latency issues can be firmly resolved. The global reach offered by cloud CDN will help businesses eliminate interruptions in online transactions that can affect sales adversely. When web pages fail to load quickly, customers are likely to leave; this is why CDN is important because it accelerates download times and guarantees effortless and flawless online transactions. CDN not only helps to deliver data faster, they also offer data on trends which could help in boosting sales.

Friday, 24 July 2015

In The Domain Of Cloud Data Centre, India Stays Competitive

In the domain of cloud data centre, India has made a considerable headway.

But many enterprises still vacillate on whether to migrate to cloud computing systems or stay with their own data centre infrastructure.

Taking a considered decision on this matter is certainly not easy, because a lot issues have to be factorized.

Here are three key considerations companies must sort out.

Does the business need a data centre?

Most businesses that own in-house data centres operate with customized dedicated systems that afford them complete control over their data and equipment. A dedicated data centre is also convenient for enterprises that run on varied applications and complex workloads.

However, such a setup can have severe constraints. With limited capacity, enterprises will find themselves at a loss if, at a future date, they have to alter the amount of storage and workload it can withstand without   incurring substantial capital expenditure.

A cloud system on the other hand is scalable to a business’s unique needs. It has unrestricted capacity based on vendor’s offerings and service plans.

Nevertheless, some experts point to one drawback.  Since computing is done by a third party, it can prove to be less secure than a data centre.

On the other hand, a data centre being physically connected to a local network, companies are assured that only authorized entities access applications and information.

What about the costs?

For SMBs, cloud is certainly a more cost effective option. A dedicated infrastructure system, built from the ground up will entail huge expenditure, and not to mention costs related to maintenance and administration.

SMBs particularly would not like to get into dismal situations like shrinking storage space, screeching overload servers and back breaking routine problems.

Fortunately, for such companies that are looking for a reliable cloud data centre, India is having a few good choices. CloudOYE, with a team of highly skilled professionals and backed by superior technology is offering world class hosting solutions. This company has established itself as provider of one of the best cloud dedicated server India has. 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Quality Cloud Server Hosting Services Providers Offer Security and Reliability

Cloud server hosting services are the hottest trend in the IT marketplace. Cloud hosting is the hosting services that are provided to customers via multiple connected servers that gives the appearance of a cloud. Cloud hosting has distinct advantages over shared hosting or to some extent even dedicated
hosting. It provides better reliability, accessibility, seamless scalability and higher degree of cost efficiency.

There are a wide range of cloud computing technologies and cloud hosting services provider offer them in different ways making use of different hosting platforms.  In the following paragraphs we shall look closely at what is cloud computing and cloud servers among other things.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a term that is used to refer to a network of computing devices that are connected via Internet to provide specific services to end users. The greatest advantage offered by it is that all web hosting services run on different servers ensuring continuity as other servers can take the place
of a malfunctioning server.

Cloud computing also results in efficient utilization of resources as you only need to pay for the services and resources that you use. Also, each user has his/her own environment ensuring that you are not affected by what others are doing or whatever is happening to them.

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are virtual servers that run on cloud computing environment. This is the reason they are often called as virtual dedicated servers (VDS). One important characteristic of cloud servers is that they run as a software independent unit. What it means is that the cloud server has its own set of software required for its smooth functioning and is not dependent on any centrally-installed software.

CloudOYE is an established and reliable provider of cloud hosting services. One of the best provider of cloud server back up in India, it offers 24x7 server support at affordable rates.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How to Choose a Dedicated Server India Company

In dedicated hosting, the client actually leases a complete server exclusively for his own business needs. This means that the entire server space is used by the client alone and resources are not shared with other users as in a shared hosting environment. This naturally allows the client or site owner to enjoy complete administrative control and freedom to customize the software and hardware configuration.

Why do you need a dedicated server India company?

A dedicated server is most suitable for large e-commerce websites that get heavy traffic. The clients can take advantage of the unlimited disk space and bandwidth in this type of hosting service in order to ensure that their site is up and running at all times and downtime is negligible. Dedicated servers
guarantee reliability, improved security for data and mission critical applications. You can also get round-the-clock support from the web hosting service provider so that during technical glitches, help is available immediately.

How to choose dedicated hosting India:

Since dedicated servers are the best choice for a business when it wishes to enjoy unmatched reliability, data security and better control over resources, it is important to choose your web host carefully. A reputed dedicated server India should be able to provide for the free installation of new servers and upgrades by simplifying the IT infra-expansion process. You must find out whether this hosting service provider offers antivirus and anti spam protection to ensure that these never find their way into mailboxes. The company must also provide high bandwidth servers that are equipped to handle very heavy traffic, huge data transfers, audio and video streaming, and game servers and file hosting etc. It should also guarantee a 99.95% uptime so that the site does not malfunction at any time.

Using these criteria, you must be able to get a quality web host for dedicated hosting in India. This company will offer your round-the-clock technical assistance through live chats, messages, phone calls and emails.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Move to VPS Hosting for Better Business and Web Hosting

VPS Hosting is one of the premier hosting services for websites that is known well for its high-octane performance and affordable cost. This type of services comes with pre-configured and customizable features that are important for managing the online server for better and optimized results. Based on
this as a business you can manage your servers the way you want for your business.

Many experienced and professional cloud hosting providers offer such services at competitive pricing to the client all over the world with top of the line security systems keeping the web site safe and secure from cyber security threats and attacks. The website performance gets affected provided the site owner is using the shared hosting resulting in server resources shared by multiple websites for online activates.

VPS Server Hosting service provides the website dedicated resources that provide the necessary boost for managing online traffic, sharing online information with visitors and multiple recipients and keeping other important information or data secure. There are many benefits the website owner experience over time when they begin using the VPS Hosting service.

Below mentioned are some salient features that add value to websites better performance on VPS Server Hosting:

•An affordable solution for small and medium businesses with better security arrangements. • Dedicated hosting on cost effective module.
•Offers more server resources compared to the shared server hosting.
•Offers 24X7 technical support to the end users.

Amidst such benefits, it is, needless to say, the VPS Hosting is a clear winner for individual users, small and medium businesses for managing their website and other online tasks. If you are interested in the service then look up the list of reputable businesses that offer such services at competitive
pricing nearby.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Why Hybrid Cloud Hosting is Affordable than Other Clouds?

Cloud technology is the flavor of the season. There are many organizations which are on the moving spree of their data from physical storage servers to a cloud hosting solution. So, now it is on you that whether you continue with the old hosting process or opt for cloud hosting server. If sources are to be believed cloud hosting solution is really affordable than other physical storage solutions available in the industry. Because, cloud is the only technology that comes with a billing meter and you need to pay as you get. There are several resources already provided on a cloud and customers can easily pick and choose the best required applications from the resource pool. Are you looking for a hybrid cloud hosting solution? Then this blog may help you at its best.

If there are some applications which you need to add you can go ahead and do so without any hassle. A hybrid cloud server doesn’t require any technical or manual approvals and any assistance from any hosting administrators. Cloud hosting is one of the automatic hosting solutions and run with the help of several virtual machines. Customers can easily expect guaranteed 100% uptime for their hosting server.


These VMs work and transfer data automatically and without any help. Now the question arises that which is the organization you should approach for the quality services. CloudOYE is one of the leading hybrid cloud hosting providers that offer an array of other hosting solutions as well.

To know more about their services, all you need to do is visit their website and contact the customer care executives for the better services. They will assist you with the best information. 

Friday, 5 June 2015

Best Cloud Dedicated Server Services for Enhanced Productivity

Cloud computing can transform the way companies procure, manage, and maintain their IT demands. All this is possible owing to the extensive pool of capacity cloud comprises of to meet the requirements of up surging clients demand. There are a host of cloud service providers in India - helping to accommodate present and future business requisites. However, all vendors’ offered cloud hosting solutions do not possess same set of quality and potential to handle your surging websites demand. Here, it becomes really important to consider some of the factors to make an informed decision:

Branded plus Scalable Resources: 

It is essential to ensure that cloud host owns an equipped cloud data center in India with all the components in place. IT resources of reputed brands guarantee unswerving business connectivity and performance. Apart from this, scalable cloud architecture helps companies with different needs to swiftly accommodate their variable market demands.

Zero Downtime Headaches 

Cloud is a network of robust servers with extensive computing capacity – helping companies to stay always connected to their end-users – irrespective of all the disruptive factors. For instance, if one of the cloud dedicated server gets fail – the workload is migrated to other working servers ascertaining that your business-critical applications always stay up and running.

Cost-Efficiency: Cloud computing works on pay-per-use basis or on monthly basis, which means client need to only pay for the services utilized. Plans can be quickly customized depending on the change in company’s requirements.

Apart from this, computing resources can be added or deleted at any point of time in no time. This enables clients to become more responsive to their customer’s need, which in turn, ensures better ROI and extended customer base.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Cost-efficiency and Service Availability: Major Factors Behind Cloud Growth

Cloud hosting services have entered the web server hosting industry with a bang. The reason cloud computing is the latest evolution in the field of technology that helps individuals and businesses to set foot and sustain in the World Wide Web. The trend is presently drawing the attention of retail portals, corporate organizations, online app portals, to mention a few. If you want to show your presence on the web, merely approaching a cloud dedicated server provider can let you avail the benefits of optimum server uptime, scalability, resiliency and redundancy of computing resources, as well as reduction in data management costs.

Whether you are approaching a public or private cloud hosting provider, the advantages you can obtain from either source are similar and tailor-made to your business needs.

The prolific advantages of cloud data center services include the following:

Maximum Optimization of Resources: With the cloud hosting provider by your side, you are leveraged to use storage space of your server with no limitation whatsoever. At the same time, resource provisioning is fast and as a result, cloud hosting services allow maximum use of the storage available.

Pocket-Friendly Pricing Model: On availing cloud hosting services from a private cloud hosting provider, you can be rest assured to pay for services that you use. This helps you save money considerably along with getting the relaxation from having IT staff for server maintenance and data management.

Network Uptime: You needn't to worry about network uptime even if any disaster hits after opting for cloud hosting services. Server virtualization is what that makes the cloud so popular across diverse industry verticals. In fact, data can be retrieved with minimal chance of loss and your website will run at a speed, making data storage and sharing fast and easy.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Well-designed Cloud Hosting Server at Affordable Prices

Organizations think that cloud hosting must be expensive and not for all. It is a myth and a well-designed cloud hosting server is really affordable and has the best features. It is known to all, there are three different types of cloud hosting servers available in the industry and these are private cloud hosting, public cloud hosting and hybrid cloud hosting solutions. It depends on the requirements of the organizations that which type of hosting they need. So, it is suggested that organizations should know their hosting requirements and then only approach to the web hosting providers.

Companies which have less budget can easily opt for a hybrid cloud hosting server and it is a great combination of public and private cloud hosting server. So, one can easily enjoy both the features and also beyond that easily. It is one cost effective hosting solution that comes with great value added
services and guaranteed 100% uptime easily.

Are you looking for a hybrid cloud hosting provider? Then you have landed on the right place. In this blog, we are discussing about CloudOYE, a popular cloud hosting provider in the industry. They have several esteemed and satisfied customers globally. You can buy cloud server from them at best of prices. The efficient team will definitely configure your server and will take care of all your requirements. According to many customers, the organization is known as the best hybrid cloud hosting provider.

They have best of professionals who are dedicated and efficient to provide with ultimate technical support to the customers. What are you waiting for? It is the right time, when you should purchase the best hosting server at best prices.

To know more you can visit their website and contact the customer care executives through emails and calls. All the web hosting plans are well-designed and offer at best rates. 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Hire Cloud Solutions from Leading Cloud Hosting Providers

Hosting solutions play an important part for your business and it is on you that which are the provider you should choose for your services. There are several web hosting providers in the industry which offer an array of services to the customers and that too with utmost dedication. At the same time, it is not so easy to select a hosting provider for your business. The decision is really tough and sometimes you may face hardships for the same.

It is truth that cloud hosting and other available cloud computing solutions are great to leverage your business and for reaping the best benefits. So, if you are planning to avail cloud backup or even cloud CDN service, you need to select the best cloud hosting provider.

Cloud CDN is nothing but a protocol to deliver content from one place to another. It is one of the most hyped cloud solutions in the industry these days. There are several organizations which have opted for cloud CDN and have found great results. It is better that you communicate with one of the leading hosting providers and convey about the services you are looking for.

Apart from CDN, cloud also offers disaster recovery solutions and other services for organizational benefits. Now the question arises, that which is the hosting provider you should approach. It is a fact that CloudOYE is one of the leading hosting and other cloud solutions provider in the industry. The organization is very reputed and is serving to millions of customers across the globe.

To know more, you can visit their website and else contact to the customer care executives who are dedicated and skilled to answer all your queries. Aspired cloud hosting and cloud CDN customers can also reach to them through emails and calls.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Gain Optimum Flexibility and Security with Hybrid Cloud Hosting

In this competitive edge, everyone has aware about the emerging technology cloud, which brings agility in the business performance. Among the three service models, i.e. private, public and hybrid, hybrid cloud is the most evolutionary technology that helps organizations to implement private as well as public cloud features.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a combination of private and public cloud model. It provides the security and customizability of an in-house solution with ease of scalability and affordability of external systems.  It puts you in a better position to run your mission critical business application. Applications and
databases are typically run on the private cloud, while the less sensitive part of the website data can  reside over public cloud. Depending on the way your website set up is configured, if your demand increases, then you can easily scale up the computing resources in the public cloud, providing business continuity and high availability.

With a hybrid cloud solution, your system is more fault tolerant since you get the tremendous benefits from immediate local usability of the private cloud architecture.            

Cost Benefits

It is the most cost effective option for your online venture. According to a research, by connecting dedicated or on-premise resources to cloud components, businesses can figure out average reduction in overall IT costs.

Improved Security

By combining the dedicated server and cloud resources, enterprises can leverage their performance without any kind of security concerns.  The security of payment transactions and personal information is the prime attribute for any business. With hybrid cloud, businesses can address many security and compliance concerns.

To meet your unique business needs, choose a well established hybrid cloud hosting provider that promise about reliable and secured cloud hosting services.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Cloud Hosting Services for Seamless Business Connectivity

Cloud is touching the heights of success owing to its rampant and rapid adoption by companies of all profiles. Be it educational institution, automobile industry, or healthcare industry – all are leverage cloud for their own good reasons.  There would be no exaggeration that soon cloud technology will become a mandate for the companies envisaging for sustainable business growth.

Here, are a few noteworthy benefits that cloud offers to its clients:

Elasticity: Cloud provides you the flexibility to scale up or down the computing capacity including servers, bandwidth, processing speed whenever required. The process of scaling is extremely user-friendly and expeditious. You don’t have to wait for hours to add capacity – as cloud makes provisioning much easier for everyone. Moreover, cloud is a cluster if multiple servers that means, it can easily cater to your changing business needs.

Billing Structure: Cloud works on a pay-per-use billing model, which implies end-users need to only pay for the services that they have utilized rather than procuring capacity in bulk. This in turn helps in curtailing operational expenses.

Business Availability: As already mentioned that cloud is a cluster of servers, which ensures that businesses have enough capacity and computing resources available to meet their growing business demands.

Business Continuity: The best thing about cloud hosting is that your applications and data remain always accessible to you even in case of disasters. The data is copied to multiple locations, which can be easily retrieved in case of disastrous circumstances. Cloud server backup keeps your business needle always moving ahead.

Technical Support: Cloud hosting providers offer SLA on network availability and round the clock technical support, so that your important database/applications stay up and running all the time.

Apart from this, most of the vendors today offer custom-made cloud hosting plans to satisfy your business demands.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Elevate Your Business Performance with Cloud Hosting

In an ever-evolving IT paradigm, it is quite important to remain competitive in the market to build a reputation. Cloud technology is a prolific approach that offers optimum convenience in catering IT services to the business user. It is faster, better and most interestingly flexible service that deliberately helps business to gain high performance. Users can choose the resources from the underlying pool of resources to run their application seamlessly.

In this blog, you can see the important points that help in scaling up the performance:

  • As the resources are distributed across multiple servers, any break down of failure in the server won't let your website down.  It is the most reliable option when compared to traditional hosting model.
  • Auto scalability is the most significant factor that cloud offered. You can scale up and down the resources according to your business requirement.
  • Cloud made billing so much easy. You have to pay only for the resources you have utilized in your application.
  • You will never face any kind of data loss problems as cloud hosting ensure backup and recovery solutions.
  • It offers extreme ease of access; your online data can be easily accessible on a wide range of devices globally.
  • Cloud provides automatic data updates without entertaining any cost. You need not to worry about the server maintenance and any kind of upgrades as cloud offers fully fledged automatic service.
Companies can highly optimized their capital cost and influence their business growth by focusing on their core competencies. Support innovation and bring agility in your business to gain maximum throughput. Choose cloud server hosting services to elevate your business growth.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Cloud hosting- Scaling Up Your Business Performance

Cloud technology is a hot buzz in IT industry because of its extensive advantages that completely changed the entire business model. It is considered as a full fledged business strategy that bequeathed with many advantages. This service is faster, better and most importantly secured when compared to
other hosting model. It offers pool of resources to the users. They can easily pick the resources from the host website and employ in their business application.

Put a glance on the influencing traits of cloud hosting

Reliability is one of the key factor that you should consider while choosing a cloud service. It is because the resources are distributed across multiple servers, any single fault won't let your website down.

Scalability is the important advantage that cloud offered. Unlike traditional web hosting in which you cannot scale the resources on-demand. With cloud, you can scale the capabilities according to your dynamic needs.

Billing is yet another important aspect in which you have to pay only for the resources that you have utilized in your application.

Backup and recovery is easier to maintain on cloud hosting environment. So, you will never face any kind of data loss problems.

It offers easy and global data access, applications can be easily accessible across any part of the globe.

Cloud offers automatic updates without entertaining any cost. It means that you don't have to worry about the server maintenance and software updates.

With this emerging technology, businesses can bring innovation in delivering their services. Bring agility and flexibility in your business to achieve huge online success. Choose cloud hosting solutions to accelerate your business growth.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Consider the Fast Track Points while Moving to Cloud

Are you get frustrated with the regular software upgrades and the server maintenance cost? Is your hosting not delivering you the sheer performance? Well, there are a cluster of these pitfalls that drives you toward cloud hosting. Without an iota of doubts, a cloud hosting is a ready to use platform that
fulfill your on-demand requests.

Here is the rundown of fast track points that you should consider while moving to cloud:

Are you looking to optimize the server cost? When compared to the traditional hosting model, cloud hosting is much faster to deploy the applications. So, it is far better option for the businesses that have minimal project startup costs and predictable ongoing operating expenses.    

What are your business requirements? You have the privilege to choose computing resources such as RAM, processor, storage capacity on the basis of your requirements. In addition, you can scale up the resources as the traffic increases on your site. Hence, it is an on-demand solution.

Is your infrastructure outgrown? Instead of purchasing the new server and IT equipment to run your business application, it is beneficial for you to choose the cloud service and switch to automatic updates. You can reduce the cost of your business as you need not to purchase the licensing of the software.

Do you need to simplify your disaster recovery plan? When companies start relying on the cloud based services, then they no longer required the complex disaster recovery plans. It takes care of most issues and delivers you the fastest performance.

Cloud computing boosts collaboration among users located in remote areas. The employees, doesn't matter wherever they are, can sync up and work on documents and share them at fast speed. Run your business in a highly automated environment of cloud server hosting and maximize your throughput.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Enjoy Complete Server Virtualization with Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting facilities are as variegated as there are providers. There is a revelation that cloud providers offer a wide spectrum of services where overall server activities are managed from remote locations. Unlike cloud providers, hosting vendors offer only infrastructure where the customer has to support the hardware and everything that is deployed on top of it. Fortunately, hosting infrastructure these days is profoundly virtualized and redundant with the arrival of cloud hosting. This results in streamlining the process of creating a hosting platform. For such infrastructure deployment, execution of planning and designing will be highly crucial. Make sure to adapt to the hosting platform, know who will be accessing the information and in what amounts.

Utilizing Virtualization

The advent of cloud hosting allows hosting providers to introduce virtualization technologies for website hosting. This is because virtualization is a proven technique for scalability, ease of use and manageability, which are instrumental in driving success to your business. In fact, server virtualization allows an organization to benefit from pay for services it uses.

Choosing Your Hardware

Make sure to buy cloud server from a provider that will allow you to choose the type of infrastructure you require. Selecting infrastructure at your end helps you to deal with immense computing needs without affecting the speed and security of your server.

Creating Redundancy and Backups

Cloud hosting makes your infrastructure resilient and creates backups of running servers with ease. The backups can be stored online or en remotely and as a result, you can retrieve data when and if required.

There are a plenty of varying factors when a company is dealing with a cloud hosting provider. Workloads, data and websites all have to be protected and scalable. Whether your organization is shifting its entire IT infrastructure to cloud – or utilizing a part of server virtualization – the whole solution has to be flexible.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Cloud Hosting Influencing the Business Performance

Incorporating cloud solutions in your business model lead to several competitive benefits. Within the few years, cloud has considerably changed business processes and has become an ideal solution for many industries.

Companies can also gain a competitive edge for greater agility which is possible through the immense advantage of clouds flexibility& scalability. It is an advanced technology enabling IT model that removes many technical hurdles of the business community and leverage the performance in a streamlined manner.

Here are the impelling points that leverage the entire business model with the pacing advantage of cloud enabled services. 
  • Organizations are likely to increasingly impact on optimizing their IT infrastructure using on-demand IT services rather than opting on premise infrastructure and operations. 
  • Cloud technology enables IT staff to make the transition from the premises of primarily technologists to become business-aligned informationists. 
  • This emerging technology encompasses the proper command and control of information architecture and digital assets. 
  • Automated administration combined with high content quality, helping organizations to build their dignity in terms of information assets. 
  • Cloud solution allows businesses to achieve economical scale of advantages by minimizing the business operational cost. 
  • It streamlines the processes, IT staff can do more work in a lesser time frame. 
  • It helps in improving the accessibility, user can access the applications any time, anywhere, making the work environment more effective.
With cloud services, organizations can minimize the cost of buying expensive software licenses. Cloud is an ideal platform which improves the flexibility. Bring agility and blend innovation in your business model by adopting the highly prolific cloud technology. If you want to boost up your business performance, set right on the track of cloud hosting services and expand your business growth.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Support Innovation And Agility With Cloud Hosting Solution

You probably heard the term “Cloud” before, especially when you are a technophile person. In this smart generation, everyone is using the cloud technology with aid of their smart devices, be it icloud storage on iPhone or Sky Drive on Microsoft and other Android devices. Technology has taken the momentum and businesses are also bending to cloud based environment to achieve the online success.

In making the business progressive and streamlined, cloud is playing the pivotal role with its significant benefits. Now, businesses are implementing their new ideas on the virtualized environment to cater innovative solutions to their users. Have a glance on the key features that leverage your web application success.

Efficiency and speed-
In cloud hosting service; your website is hosted on a distributed set of servers, potentially across the world. This means your website loads faster and serves all time availability. No single server is under strain as the load is spread across each connected server.

Running time-
 Web host guarantees 99.9 percent uptime with cloud based services. Your website remains all time available while maintenance is being carried out in the server as other server connected to the mainstream handles the traffic. It does not impact on the overall functionality of the website.

Cost effective- 
You only have to pay for the bandwidth and storage you utilize to run your business application. If you are associated with SME, then opting cloud solutions is a better option. You can expand the business as your traffic grows by simply scaling up the resources.

So, these are the reasons why you might want to choose cloud hosting services to empower your business and build huge online success. Bring innovative results and adopt agility to perform better and stand ahead in the rage of competition.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Accelerate Your Business with Cloud Server Hosting

In this ever-emerging IT world, many enterprises are moving to the cloud to ensure smart benefits that will definitely leverage your business performance. Cloud servers are the virtual server that runs as a software independent unit in a cloud computing environment. To put simply, cloud hosting is equipped with all software that it requires to run an application or website that does not depend on a centrally located server.

To know how it accelerates your business and derive maximum throughput, see the following features that represent its importance. 
  • Users have the full privilege to modify all the software according to their needs. 
  • Cloud hosting owners are associated with greater stability and security. 
  • Cloud servers probably hold the best cost ratio performance. They do not suffer from the usual server hardware troubles as they run their application on a virtual platform. 
  • Cloud servers are economically more efficient than dedicated and VPS server hosting.
  • These servers are highly scalable, it is very easy and fast to add upgrades like CPU, RAM, storage capacity, etc. to a cloud server. 

For a similar price to dedicated hosting, in cloud server, you will get more computing resources and your site will perform faster. In broad strokes, the small range of enterprises that cannot invest upon dedicated server, infrastructure maintenance, find cloud as an excellent approach. A managed cloud hosting enables you to shift from capital expenditure system to operating expenditure system.

With cloud optimized services, you don’t have to worry about setting up a new infrastructure, software licensing, server monitoring tools and maintenance services. What you have to do is to pay for the resources that are utilized in maintaining and managing your application. Go for cloud server hosting and obtain the benefits of elasticity and robustness.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Cloud Hosting: A Solution to Meet IT Infrastructure Needs

Cloud hosting is a revolutionary solution that allows companies to enrich data security levels along with the firewall protection. This is the sought after web hosting facility where organizations can get the leverage to scale the hosting activities in compliance with their needs. For those who don’t know, cloud hosting refers to a fusion of technology developments that provide ample assistance for enterprise computing. In other words, cloud hosting is an avant garde technology that amalgamates both storage and network that can be allotted through predetermined policies and a commodity hardware application that can be categorized into tiny components. This hosting solution is designed keeping in mind the changing business needs, however it is recommended to perceive the exact time when the cloud solution is required.

If reports are to be believed, the Internet has become a hub where you can come across many web host companies claiming to offer various cloud hosting plans to all size businesses at substantially lower prices. The cloud backup solution has succeeded in getting overnight popularity across the globe with companies, irrespective of size and business nature, are reported to build their own high-end automated cloud networks. This is because the web hosting solution allows companies to manage and regulate all the resources from one centralized point. Besides, the cloud server guarantees task automation and elimination of those activities that seldom require attention or concentration. This aids in giving more emphasis on delivering a flawless and effective service to the business. Cost-efficient is another vital attribute of hosting on a cloud server. The effectiveness and performance of your e-commerce portal will significantly improve if you opt for a cloud hosting plan.

There is a revelation that cloud hosting carries multiple benefits that can certainly provide impetus to a business growth. In fact, all your mission-critical business applications remain agile and scalable while hosting on the cloud server.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How Can You Build A Private Cloud Strategy?

Building an enterprise private cloud is a complex process which spans across many years. One requires a comprehensive strategy to set up such a cloud host. In order to build a cloud from inside out, one has to focus on the implementation of a private IaaS. Thereafter, the developer and architect can turn attention towards platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service(SaaS).

Some cloud hosting solution drive considerable cost efficiencies. They help us to attain high average server consolidation ratios. So you can save millions of US dollars over a span of four to five years.

Compute IaaS can be implemented to enable enterprise models. Besides, cloud computing helps to create a resources pool of computing devices that are geographically distributed. With a global computing resource, individual projects are provided with far more compute capacity which further increases the utilization of existing resources. Moreover, it reduces expense on hardware. Such a flexible resource polis backed by powerful and energy-efficient servers.

On the other hand, virtualized workloads can be dynamically allocated. They also migrate between physical across multiple resource pools. Such pools are further logically divided amongst numerous business verticals as per organizational needs.

Cloud hosting services allow you to also deploy PaaS to speed up the application development process for enabling software engineering process to build cloud based tailored applications. Sometimes a developer controls certain apps to host configurations because abstraction is incorporated into the infrastructure. Some platforms also comprise of standardized middle ware for Web service based businesses.

A PaaS environment is generally on-demand backed by a broad accessibility to numerous resource pools. Such a also facilitates app creation for in corporation of cloud.

Characteristics which include elasticity. Cloud developers across the globe incorporate certain environments for the creation of customized cloud-ready apps. Also, PaaS is deployed in enterprise private clouds. It builds as well as extends IaaS capabilities.

Cloud Hosting and Rapid Adoption

Most of the companies are gearing up for cloud, which is successfully changing the outlook of IT sectors at a rapid pace. This leading technology connotes the new delivery and consumption model for IT services. Here, services are made accessible to the organizations and individuals over a network called Internet. Broadly, these services are categorized into three segments Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Prior proceeding to the unmatched traits of cloud technology, let’s first understand what cloud is. Cloud is an aggregation of extensive computer resources that includes processing, servers, storage, applications, bandwidth,and network. All these resources can be provisioned to the end-users at any point of time, over the Internet.

Below are a few unparalleled attributes of cloud technology that helps businesses to gain agility and drive growth:


Cloud hosting provides access to suite of IT services including reliable infrastructure service tailored for big data workloads in the cloud. Businesses can leverage robust cloud servers to address unexpected traffic spikes and provision computing resources that caters to their unique business demands. Furthermore, it allows organizations to quickly get started and add resources when required, without consuming much of their precious time. It is extremely easy to manage your business-critical applications and database using a management console. Also, you have comprehensive programming control.

High Availability:

Cloud hosting services enable businesses of all contours to design their own environment, ensuring your mission-critical website remains up and running all the time. If reports are to be believed, cloud servers offer maximum availability guarantee than any other hosting platform. Even if one of the hardware or other IT component gets fail, all the business workload gets automatically migrated to other working servers in the same physical network.


One of the best features of cloud hosting plans is you can seamlessly upgrade/downgrade computing resources according to your growing business requirements. Cloud offers a dynamic dedicated environment, allowing you to install services and apps indispensable for business growth.


In cloud server hosting, multiple clients can be placed on just a few physical servers, which curtails operational cost. Moreover, you don’t have to spend extra capital on server procurement or maintenance as the cloud service provider takes care of the same. Above all, you only have to pay for the computing resources such as storage capacity, network, or processing speed you have utilized rather than paying for partially or unutilized resources.

In a nutshell, cloud computing help companies to gain agility and faster time-to-market without paying hefty upfront cost.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Cloud Hosting to Make Computing Devices Comfortable and Powerful

The internet industry has seen rapid transformation after the arrival of cloud hosting. This is because the cloud hosting is evolving and it is capable of bringing revolution in hosting industry. No doubt, you can come across multiple web hosting services like the dedicated hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting while browsing the Internet; however, the significance of cloud hosting has already outdone the server performance of various web hosting plans. It is interesting to note that server performance has gradually improved and cloud computing erases the need of human intervention when it comes to server maintenance and data backup.

With multiple servers linked to a single server, cloud hosting enables a website to become highly available without making compromises on server security and storage. No doubt, this hosting service is fast becoming a number one choice across enterprise consumers because of reliability, flexibility, scalability and redundancy of resources. Apart from the said attributes, the cloud hosting is also known to be very convenient to its users.

Some of the major benefits of this hosting service include:

The server is featured with scalability, allowing its user to increase or decrease resources based on the changing business needs.

As it is disseminating resources across multiple servers, you can be rest assured of staying away in a peace of mind and allow businesses to benefit from uptime and redundancy
  • Cloud hosting is scalable and inexpensive for large enterprises
  • It is compatible with major operating systems
  • It manages traffic fluctuation with ease
  • It enables a user to upgrade hardware easily
  • The servers purpose-built for this hosting plan don’t necessarily to be deployed in the same data center. 


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