Friday, 24 July 2015

In The Domain Of Cloud Data Centre, India Stays Competitive

In the domain of cloud data centre, India has made a considerable headway.

But many enterprises still vacillate on whether to migrate to cloud computing systems or stay with their own data centre infrastructure.

Taking a considered decision on this matter is certainly not easy, because a lot issues have to be factorized.

Here are three key considerations companies must sort out.

Does the business need a data centre?

Most businesses that own in-house data centres operate with customized dedicated systems that afford them complete control over their data and equipment. A dedicated data centre is also convenient for enterprises that run on varied applications and complex workloads.

However, such a setup can have severe constraints. With limited capacity, enterprises will find themselves at a loss if, at a future date, they have to alter the amount of storage and workload it can withstand without   incurring substantial capital expenditure.

A cloud system on the other hand is scalable to a business’s unique needs. It has unrestricted capacity based on vendor’s offerings and service plans.

Nevertheless, some experts point to one drawback.  Since computing is done by a third party, it can prove to be less secure than a data centre.

On the other hand, a data centre being physically connected to a local network, companies are assured that only authorized entities access applications and information.

What about the costs?

For SMBs, cloud is certainly a more cost effective option. A dedicated infrastructure system, built from the ground up will entail huge expenditure, and not to mention costs related to maintenance and administration.

SMBs particularly would not like to get into dismal situations like shrinking storage space, screeching overload servers and back breaking routine problems.

Fortunately, for such companies that are looking for a reliable cloud data centre, India is having a few good choices. CloudOYE, with a team of highly skilled professionals and backed by superior technology is offering world class hosting solutions. This company has established itself as provider of one of the best cloud dedicated server India has. 


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