Thursday, 25 August 2016

Get Excellent Performance With Best Cloud Server Hosting Provider In India

Cloud is one of the most preferred Information Technology advancements, which have greatly facilitated online businesses. You can create a robust IT infrastructure and thus attain innovative solutions at affordable costs. If you have many web sites and intend to increase customer traffic, it is then best to consider cloud hosting. Cloud Server enables you to gain better control over your domains and thus you will be able to scale with ease. Besides, you will be able to configure according to the need of your website. In case your site is underperforming or you need more databases, mail servers or domains then you can work well with Cloud server hosting.

Features of Cloud Server:

• Should offer a sound assurance, which includes an array of latest service features and supports.

• permits full customization, 

• upgrading or downgrading on resources allocations 

• Options to select up to date operating system.

• Choice to define what level of control settings one may need on offers.

• Facilitate alterations in configurations of your server anytime.

• Allows payment for only those resources what you have used. This gives the ability to turn resources up or down to suit, your budget and ability in times of enhanced traffic.

• Added security features should be available in case the need arises.

The Cloud Server Hosting Provider in India leads in cloud computing. It offers the state-of-the-art server base to facilitate elevated performance, additional protection, as well as greater redundancy toward Xen Hypervisor and Cloud Stack cloud infrastructure implementation. One significant element of Cloud Server Hosting Provider in India is that they offer on-demand deployment. They offer guarantees that they will deploy the servers on demand. You get the option of choosing the amount of storage and bandwidth, which is sufficient for your cloud server. You get the facility of upgrading your server to match any new server resources required as your demand increases.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Customise Your Dedicated Server Cost Effectively

As your website grows, you need to move from the realm of shared hosting. Now you will need to find and properly review dedicated server plans .You will surely require dedicated server hosting for your high traffic, software intensive website or a gaming application.

Features of a dedicated server:

• It isthe physical piece of hardware that your hosting provider willrent to you.
• It has its own processor
• It has its ownhard drives, Random Access Memory (RAM) and bandwidth capability
• Your website and its allied software will be hosteddistinctly onthe dedicated server's hard drives
• You can install and run almost any program
• Dedicated servers ar every popular amongst internet gamers

Fully customize or even build your own dedicated server

Most dedicated server hosting plans let you to customize or build your own dedicated server. You can
therefore select and pay for only the features, which you will require. You will get your choice of operating system software such as Windows Server Edition and Linux Red hat etc.

Dedicated server is completely reliable and secure 

Since your website is hosted exclusively on the dedicated server,there is no risk of the server being overcrowded by requests for other people's websites .Dedicated server hosting offers exclusive bandwidth for your web application. No one else has access to your server except you. There is no possibility of viruses or other malicious software. All dedicated servers have their own unique IP address and thus the IP address of your domain points only to your website.

With top dedicated server hosting in India as your website grows you can add more bandwidth, RAM and increase your processor speed. This will save you many hours of tedious software conversions and 'unexplained' down times. The best dedicated hosting providers provide an FTP back-up account for your account.

A low cost dedicated server which has all the bandwidth, space and security features to run your programs effectively is the perfect option from a non-dedicated server hosting plan. You can customise dedicated hosting server wisely and cost effectively.

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