Thursday, 3 January 2019

Colocation Server Hosting - The Most Beneficial Hosting Solution For Businesses

Colocation is also popularly known as Colo. It is an arrangement between two parties, the client and the colocation service provider. This arrangement is related to availing server hosting service for the client from the colocation service provider. Here, two parties reach an agreement for housing servers in a third party premises.

Colocation is an act of housing exclusive server and networking resources in a data center, that belongs to a third party, which may also be the colocation service provider. The server and its networking gear are the properties of the client organisation. The client organisation decides to rent a space in a colocation data center to lodge its server and networking resources there, instead of keeping it in house or in the work place.

This arrangement is more or less similar to that of availing regular hosting service, where the client rents space on a server, which is the property of the hosting service provider. But in colocation, the server and the networking resources are the property of the client organisation and the client rents a physical space, required to house the server and the networking gear, in a colocation data centre.
Sometimes, a Server Colocation Hosting Service Provider also rents out space in a data center, where its customers can install their servers and other networking equipment. The Colocation Service Provider also provides power to run the server, the required bandwidth, IP address and the cooling system to control the climate inside the data center. It takes the complete responsibility to successfully deploy the servers of its customers.

Benefits of Colocation

Colocation is a cost saving process when compared to regular tower server arrangements.

Colocation offers superior scalability to its users, when compared to larger servers or to tower servers.

Colocation provides long term cost savings, when compared to a dedicated server hosting service, provided by a service provider.

Colocation offers better control and autonomy, in comparison to a dedicated server hosting service, as provided by a dedicated hosting service provider.

About Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is similar to dedicated hosting, but it is different in approach. The client rents the server with the required infrastructure, in dedicated hosting, but in colocation, the server and the networking resources are the property of the client organisation and the colocation data center rents out a physical space to the customer, to house its hardware. The customer does not rent a server from the service provider. The customer physically transports her/his hardware to the place of the Colocation hosting service provider, where the provider deploys the server.

There are many Colocation hosting service providers, providing their services to their customers. CloudOYE, the leading most hosting service provider in the world, provides the best Colocation hosting service to its clients, at a very reasonable price.

Dedicated Server Plans

Dedicated servers are physical computer machines, those functions as servers for hosting web sites or applications. The total computing resources of a dedicated server is for exclusive use of a single user, who takes the server on rent or leases it. No other user is allowed to share the resources of a dedicated server.

The dedicated server hosting is very useful for hosting business web sites of mega or enterprise level online business organisations. The dedicated server hosting is capable of handling huge influx of traffic of web site visitors and provides an un interrupted hosting service to the web site, especially during peak business hours, since the entire computing resources of the server remains dedicated for the single user.

Dedicated server hosting is an expensive hosting solution, since it is not shared by any other user and the sole user has to bear all the expenses. CloudOYE, the global leader in hosting service providers, offers the most affordable plans for best dedicated hosting service, to its customers.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

6 Benefits of Cloud Storage for Small Business

It is important for a business to seek reliable, flexible, and affordable hosting plans in today’s competitive environment. Cloud is the right platform that they must choose for continuity and availability. The cloud storage for small business allows organizations to benefit in many ways. Users can store, backup, sync, or recover data on demand without the need for major investments and infrastructure. Cloud enables a significant improvement in business performance and gives a boost in cost control for every business whatever their size.
Gain An Edge With Consistent Performance

An enterprise that still uses the traditional hosting and has not considered the cloud will lag in competition with unreliable performance, downtime, and obsolete technology. The cloud is suitable for every business. While the large businesses can use the private cloud and maintain their data and applications in-house, the cloud storage for small business will be the ideal ground for the enterprises where there is unpredictability in visitor traffic and resource needs.

Eliminates Upfront Investments:

Business requirements change as they grow. They are bound to expand, introduce new services, recruit new professionals, and build new applications etc. to achieve their objectives. The traditional hosting requires you to keep adding new hardware and other infrastructure to manage the increasing workload; an organization can save plenty of money and resources using the cloud storage for small business. Cloud also eases up the budget pressures as the investment in infrastructure are very low. The need for IT manpower is also eliminated as the service providers manage and maintain the infrastructure at data centers away from your business location.

Improves Business Collaboration:

Cloud runs on the internet. It can save you plenty of time and money while easing up pressures on your employees. It gives the ability to work from anywhere on any internet-enabled device. Multiple users can update and coordinate work simultaneously. This will not only ensure efficiency but will improve the employee inclination towards their job. The cloud storage for small business enables

Users to access files and applications from anywhere and at any time. You may work while commuting, when on a holiday, or from home.

Employees who are on fieldwork can update their reports without the need to be physically available in office saving time and money on travel

You to hire professional freelance services remotely to work on projects.

The employees to attend to both home and office work.

Your business data increases as your communication with employees, colleagues, clients, suppliers, visitors increase. It will keep growing as a business expands. In the traditional storage, this leads to lot of chaos as well as inefficiency. It will require high investments on storage devices to save and backup data. it can create excessiveness or shortfall.  Cloud eradicates this risk.  Cloud storage India enables users to scale both ways. You can increase the capacity whenever you anticipate high traffic and adjust back to your usual capacity.

Reliable And Flexible:

Cloud ensures business availability. It works as a network and ensures redundancy connecting a business to multiple servers. If one server goes resources are delivered from the other servers in the network maintaining the same speed and lowering risks of downtime.

Efficient Backup And Disaster Recovery Services

Your data is stored in data centers located in remote regions. The complete information is replicated and transmitted to the cloud servers in an encrypted form. It is kept in that form. There is no risk of a client losing their data using the cloud storage for small business.  Even if a disaster strikes at the business location, the website resources are available from the other servers where it is backed up to ensure your online store is available without interruptions.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Top Criteria for Choosing Enterprise Cloud Hosting

Enterprise cloud hosting refers to delivery of cloud computing resources to enterprises. This is different from consumer-driven cloud computing since there are contracts which must be signed between the vendors and businesses. There are many types of services which fall under the category of enterprise cloud hosting and businesses are free to use cloud hosting vendors for acquiring various types of resources. The key benefits of enterprise cloud hosting are related to cloud security and cloud costs.

So, enterprises will take advantage of the high-end security arrangements offered by cloud vendors and they can successfully lower overhead costs by using resources whenever they need them from their providers. So, instead of investing heavily in buying hardware, businesses can get resources as and when they require the. There are well-defined SLAs which must be signed and which categorically state what the cloud vendor will offer to its customers.

How To Find The Right Enterprise Cloud Hosting Providers:

Being able to identify the best enterprise cloud hosting provider requires you to consider some important factors. There are some guidelines which can make this decision making process easier for you.

One of the key factors to consider is that of technical support. Enterprise cloud hosting will offer managed solutions and this implies that IT jobs are going to be divided between the business and the cloud vendor. While the vendor will look after the hardware, operating system and patches, server monitoring etc, the enterprise will look after applications. So, both these departments should be open to working with one another and reaching out to each other in times of emergencies. In short, the provider should have a 24x7 task force to assist clients through emails, phone calls and chats.

When choosing enterprise cloud hosting, you must also ensure the vendor offers you high quality hardware which can guarantee high availability and exceptional performance. So, you should only settle for SSD storage and Intel Xeon processors backed by a hyper-converged infrastructure with self-healing hardware which can guarantee a 100% uptime.

Another huge benefit of enterprise cloud hosting is scalability of resources; so, you must make sure the host can accommodate your requests for additional resources. Moreover, these resources should be billed according to a pricing utility model where you pay as you use.

According to the most recent GDPR rules, businesses can be fined heavily when they fail to comply with standard industry regulations. In other words, you need to identify an enterprise cloud hosting provider which is serious about compliance. So, when focusing on cloud security, you need to first look for a host which can offer you a variety of security measures to protect your sensitive data. It should be able to deploy next-generation firewalls which can offer security for applications against malware, intrusion etc.

You must also verify the quality of control panel the host offers because the more superior this control panel, the easier the administration becomes. So, your provider should be able to offer the two more popular and user-friendly ones in the market, namely Plesk and cPanel.

Migrating on your own to a new data center is a challenge always and it is best to find a provider which can offer you assistance in this. There are challenges of disruption which are caused when you shift legacy apps to a new environment. A capable host will make this process smooth sailing by identifying potential problems before they crop up and ensuring that the move is carried out in a hassle-free manner.

Finally, you must obviously consider the costs before you sign up. You should compare plans offered by different vendors and check for their credibility and online reputation. An expert customer support team will be costly but it is always worth the price.

Friday, 2 November 2018

CDN Server Hosting - The Backbone For Quick Transfer Of Web Contents

A CDN server or a Content delivery Network server is that server that hosts a Content Delivery Network. A CDN server is a server that is a part of geographically distributed group of servers. This group of servers work together to provide a speedy delivery of web site contents to the user, who has made a request for that particular web page.

Content Delivery Network ensures the quick transfer of assets, which are needed for loading internet contents over the internet. These may include HTML pages, java script files, images, style sheets, and videos.

Majority of the current global web traffic is dealt with Content Delivery Networks. Traffics from mega sites, such as, Facebook, Netflix and Amazon are also served with Content Delivery Networks.

Popularity of Content Delivery Network services are continuously growing globally. A properly and correctly configured Content Delivery Network also helps in providing protections to web sites, against many of the malicious attacks on them. Cloud cdn server hosting is exclusive effective in providing protections to web sites against the attacks of Distributed Denial of Services or DDoS.

How Does A CDN Server Work? 

The Content Delivery Network server does not host contents. It is not an alternative for a proper web hosting. But a CDN does help in caching contents, at the edge of the network. It is a tremendous help in improving the performance of the web site.

At the center, a CDN is a network of servers. These CDN servers are linked with each other. The objective of these inter linked CDN servers is to deliver web contents, as reliably, cheaply, securely and quickly possible to the user, who made a request for that web page content.

A CDN always places its servers at the exchange points between several different networks, to improve speed of content delivery and connectivity. When a request for a web page content is made by the user, the server nearest to the request maker responds to that request. The CDN copies the pages of a web site to the network of servers and they are dispersed to locations geographically different. It caches the contents of the web page.

The moment a request for a content page is received, the CDN redirects the request to a server in the CDN, which is nearest to the user, from the point of originating site server. The cached content is then delivered to the user who made the request. This is also communicated to the originating CDN server, by the CDN.

CloudOYE provides the best CDN server hosting service, to its customers in the world, at a very affordable price.

Cloud Server Hosting is now at the top of all hosting services options, for the entire business and service community, in all over the world. Cloud server hosting is equally efficient as a dedicated server hosting but is much cheaper in costing. Cloud server hosting is the hosting service option of choice for its exclusive features, which is far superior to the shared hosting service, in terms of security, privacy and performance.

CloudOYE is again one of the best Cloud hosting service providers, in the world, which is providing best of Cloud hosting service to its customers at a very reasonable price.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Why You Should Choose Cheap Windows Dedicated Server?

Windows is a Microsoft owned software and is commercially sold with a license fee. Businesses that require more flexibility than what a shared hosting and VPS hosting offers must look for a hosting provider who has cheap Windows dedicated server plans. Windows server becomes more necessary if their website is built on the ASP.NET technologies. Linux does not support these technologies and can cause performance issues.

The cheap Windows dedicated server does not mean you have to compromise on quality.  The prices of hardware components have come down from what they were a few years back. This has enabled the hosting providers to bring down the server costs.

Difference In Price:

It is mainly due to the license fee that the Windows plans are higher in price than the Linux servers. Linux dedicated server does not carry any license fee. Linux is open source and built using the open source scripts of PHP and MYSQL. While Windows is compatible with all the script languages, so this means even if your website is built using the PHP language script, you can use the Windows servers. Usually, the hosting providers offer cPanel control panel for Linux users and Plesk for the Windows users to manage their accounts.

Root Access:

Dedicated servers give you root access to the servers. You can configure and customize the machine in any manner that suits your business. When you use the Linux OS, you can access via the SSH while in the cheap Windows dedicated server you can access your server via the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). You can ask for the hardware you prefer and install any software application without worrying about resources.

Complete Resources Assure Of More Reliability And Availability:

When you are on a dedicated server, there is no sharing of resources. The entire RAM, Bandwidth, space, and others are exclusively at your disposal. There is no risk of pages loading slow or server crashing unless there is some technical flaw in components. Usually this issue seldom happens.

When you have a good host, they provide proactive monitoring to the server. The cheap Windows dedicated server is housed in redundant data centers where the technical experts constantly monitor the infrastructure for performance issues. With strong SLAs, they commit to more than 99.95% network uptime and high-speed connectivity.

Access To All Microsoft Technologies

For the license fee that you pay for Windows, you get access to all the Microsoft technologies like Visual Interdev. SharePoint, FrontPage and every other MS Office Services. In addition, Microsoft constantly updates all the applications and you get access to each of them automatically. Risks of security lapse or missing out on an update are minimal.

When choosing your cheap Windows dedicated server host, one very important factor you must look for is the kind of support they offer. It is vital that their technical support team is available around the clock. They must be easily reachable via all communication channels to ensure they can assist you in case you have any server related issues. 

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Why a Small Business Must Migrate to Cloud Hosting India?

Cloud hosting India is bringing about significant changes for the small businesses. Many of the small enterprises are realizing the benefits. The cloud technology is a network of interconnected web servers placed in remote data centers globally. It runs on the virtualization technology and is an on-demand service offered via the internet. Here are a few reasons why a small business must consider migrating to the cloud if they have not done so yet.

Lower Costs:

One of the most logical reasons for moving to the cloud hosting India is the significant savings a business can get. Your workloads share the server infrastructure with other businesses. This allows the provider to optimize the hardware infrastructure at the data centers. The costs are split across the numerous clients which means lower costs to each of you.

There is a decrease in the need of rack space, hardware procurement and deployment, power usage, infrastructure maintenance and upgrade. The cloud servers are all located in distant places.

The infrastructure maintenance is done by the cloud hosting providers. The need for technically qualified staff is lessened. In case your business is not IT-concerned, you need not recruit engineers to maintain the servers.

Data Backup and Availability:

Your data is loaded on to the cloud servers in an encrypted form. It is replicated and mirrored across at least two or three servers to make sure it is always available somewhere even there is an outage, disaster or accidental deletion. In case you were not in the cloud, you would have needed more hardware and be prepared with spare hardware to store and keep backup to your data.

More Flexibility and Reliability:

Another important benefit that a business can enjoy with the cloud hosting India service is assurance of being available all the time. Uptime is an important factor in the success of a business. Cloud runs on a network of servers. If one server is down, a business gets its services from the other active servers ensuring of nil downtime and latency.

You may have added a new product and it has become popular. There will be an unexpected surge in traffic and you cannot afford to be unavailable at such times. One amazing feature of the cloud is it is scalable on demand. You can increase the resources when you need and discard them when you don’t. This ensures there is no wastage of resources and you can manage traffic spikes with ease of paying only for the resources you consumed.

Access Independence

Today’s world revolves around mobile technology. With the cloud hosting India, applications can be accessed from anywhere and at any time on an internet enabled device. Employees can choose to work from home, you may employ remote staff, and gain many similar flexibilities.

Managed cloud hosting is a process that combines the cost-effectiveness and scalability of the public cloud with the security and consistency of the private cloud. Unlike the normal cloud feature of pay-as-you-use, the managed cloud is usually a subscription for monthly or yearly contracts.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Key Risks of Choosing Cheap Business Cloud Storage!

Cloud storage services in India will offer Indian enterprises the power to access, share and secure sensitive data. The truth is that smaller businesses typically do not have funds or expertise to maintain onsite resources and this is why buying cheap business cloud storage becomes essential. While there are many parties which do question the power of these third party storage providers to keep your data safe from possible hackers and breaches, the fact remains that if you can get reliable but cheap business cloud storage, you should grab it.

What Benefits Can You Get from Cheap Business Cloud Storage?

- When you have decided to sign up with some third party for storage, you will be able to enjoy the power to customize the solutions to best serve your business needs. Even if you get cheap plans, you will be given the power to customize the plan. This is undoubtedly a great advantage over traditional storage systems. Most of the storage system is software based and need minimal investment in hardware, if at all. So, the ability to tweak settings is easier than in an in-house storage system.

- Another key benefit of using cheap business cloud storage solutions is that these are user-friendly solutions. There are convenient “drag and drop” options for transferring files to drives for storing these. Even backup options are easy to use and when installed; these can be performed fast without need for tapes as backups.

- When you have Internet connectivity, you can always access the stored data. So, whether you are using a laptop or smartphone or computer, you will be able to access data.

- Since cloud storage solutions offered by cloud hosting providers are scalable, they are able to grow with your business.

While talking about the many benefits that businesses can enjoy with cheap business cloud storage plans, it also becomes equally necessary to talk about risks of choosing low-cost solutions.

- Perhaps the greatest risk is that the company may even shut down its operations as it is not making enough money to cover costs of offering storage for businesses. Alternately, the company offering storage for low prices may be opting for inferior quality infrastructure to give you discounted plans. Your duty is to identify a provider which has a rock solid reputation and can give you services you require.

- Before you sign up for cheap business cloud storage, you must also inquire about anything which the provider can offer apart from storage and what exactly they will do to your critical data. You may check to see whether you already have cloud storage as part o your hosting packages. For instance, when you use Microsoft Office 365 solutions you are given 1TB storage on OneDrive.

- You need to check whether the system is going to store many versions of a file to help you restore it when needed, after a ransomware attack or an accidental wring edit. You should also inquire about the nature of apps which you will be given to work with the files. While both Dropbox and OneDrive cost the same, you can get full Word, Excel and Power Point versions with OneDrive.

The bottom line is that there is no free ride. So, when you are getting storage options for free or throwaway prices, you should be skeptical. It is likely that the provider will be using your data to facilitate its own interests. Moreover, security for such providers is usually an afterthought. So, it is advisable to choose only providers which have good track records.

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