Monday, 15 May 2017

Why Are Public Cloud Servers Better Than Private Cloud Servers?

Public cloud servers are offered by a cloud vendor for businesses which want an inexpensive but secure set-up for data storage. In a public cloud which is founded on a regular cloud computing model, the vendor will offer computing resources to the clients via the Internet. Resources are obtained from a massive resource pool jointly held by multiple servers connected to one another in an underlying network. 

Public cloud servers will charge enterprises on a pay-as-you-go basis or these services may also be offered free of cost. With public cloud server, you can enjoy cost-effective and simple installation for storing your mission-critical data and applications. Cloud hosting plans are highly scalable allowing your business to get resources whenever you need them. Resource allocation is optimal and there is no wasted capacity.

 How are public cloud servers different from private clouds?

1- Public cloud servers will offer resources to the general public across the Internet. In a private cloud, resources are obtained from multiple servers too but these are made available to a single enterprise only. So, while public cloud servers will cater to many clients through shared infrastructure, a private cloud will cater to a single client only. With the public cloud, you can enjoy a high degree or scalability because resources are always available on demand. This is because the public cloud has a huge resource pool belonging to multiple servers. This ensures that clients can respond to traffic spikes seamlessly  

2- Compared to private clouds, public cloud servers are far cheaper. Since they get resources from various servers, they can achieve economies of scale. In a public cloud, you do not have to worry about spending a fortune on buying costly hardware for storage. You follow the pay-as-you-go model and you are not required to maintain a private data center. However, when you opt for private clouds, your organization may have to set up and maintain servers to cope with traffic demands. 

3- Public cloud servers are very cost effective. Most vendors will charge their clients on a pay-as-you-use basis. So, there is no wastage of resources and consumers only pay for resources that they use. 

4- The biggest advantage of choosing public cloud servers is because of their reliability. The redundancy configurations suggest that in case any single server or component fails to function, cloud services are not affected. Sometimes, the entire data center can go offline. But that will not disrupt individual cloud services. So, in other words, with public cloud hosting, there is no one point of failure. 

5- When you choose public cloud servers, you can benefit from location independence. This means that cloud hosting services will be available everywhere as long as there is web connectivity. It does not matter where the client is situated. This feature allows remote access to the cloud set-up which is vital in times of emergencies. Employees are also free to collaborate on documents online; so work productivity also improves. 

6- Finally, with the public cloud, you can choose from a variety of services like IaaS, PaaS or SaaS as long as you have a device which is connected to the Internet. These services are designed to take care of most of your computing tasks. They can offer advantages to both individuals and businesses. It is even possible for companies to integrate their sensitive business functions (private cloud services) with routine non-sensitive tasks (public cloud services) in a hybrid cloud setting.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Advantages A Reliable Cloud Hosting Provider Can Offer To Businesses

In the hosting world, Cloud hosting is the new normal. Virtual servers that run in a cloud computing environment are known as Cloud servers. While they are also called Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDSs), unlike them, cloud servers run as software-independent units. This hosting service is preferred mostly over traditional dedicated servers, especially with low to mid-level servers, since these prove excellent at all functionalities.

Cloud Migration

More and more businesses of all types and sizes are making the move to the Cloud because Cloud Hosting offers a lot of benefits to them. The very first of the lot is flexibility in terms of working times. Most employees, nowadays, prefer working at times that allow them to create the perfect work-life balance. With cloud services, businesses can offer flexi-times to their employees and get work done without hurting their productivity.

Cloud servers are more stable and secure than all the other options. They offer the best stability/cost ratio performance. Not only are they super-fast, they also do not suffer from the normal hardware issues that other servers appear to duel with all the time.

This option offers disaster recovery solutions which help the client to rest assured that their mission critical applications and important data will be safe and secure in times of natural calamities too.

More advantages

Then there is document control along with the ability to modify the server software according to one’s unique business requirements. If a business so wants, they can request their Cloud Hosting Provider to customize plans that are built completely around their needs.

Cloud computing allows business teams to access, edit, and share documents anytime, anywhere. The ease of visibility of collaboration, cloud-based workflow, and file sharing apps – all of these enhance business operations. This solution is environment friendly too. Almost zero carbon footprints are left behind when a business wants to scale up and down virtually.

This is an excellent option for businesses that see fluctuations in bandwidth usage. This is because in this solution, any kind of usage scalability is easily manageable. With the robust network of servers this service relies on, scaling up and down is child’s play for the client. It is the duty of the Cloud Hosting Provider to ensure there are automatic software updates and that all the management issues are taken care of well in time. The client doesn’t have to bother about all these issues.

Some people consider reduced hardware expenditure as the biggest benefit of this service. It has a subscription, pay-as-you-go model. This is truly beneficial for a budding business that can easily afford for pay for exactly what they use. There are no hidden charges.

When one is seeking the perfect hosting solution for their business requirements, the first name that comes to their mind is CloudOYE - the leading provider of hosting solutions of all kinds. This premier company offers web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, data centers, Cloud Hosting, and more. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

What Benefits Can Your Business Gain with Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Your online business will need to run on the Windows servers if you have built your website on the Microsoft technologies of ASP.NET, MSSQL and MSACCESS. You require a strong, affordable, and flexible plan for your growing business which you will find in the cheap Windows VPS hosting. VPS hosting is a midway solution between the low-resource shared hosting and the high-end dedicated server. VPS servers are created by splitting a dedicated server into numerous virtual servers.

What is VPS:

Your websites will be sharing the server with other businesses but unlike in shared hosting, your servers are stored in independent containers and you get more assured resources, complete privacy and better security. Your VPS is setup on the Hyper V virtualization platform. You get administrative control over your server which gives you the liberty to configure the server and install software of your choice. It means that your cheap Windows VPS hosting gives you features that you get on a dedicated server.

However, dedicated server is more expensive since it has only one entity occupying the entire server and the server expenses must be borne by that single entity. But in VPS there are numerous websites and the server cost gets split among all of them cutting the costs. Likewise, shared hosting has more websites sharing the server than the VPS which makes shared hosting the least expensive hosting option. The cheap Windows VPS hosting are preferable over the Windows dedicated server to bring the expenses further down.   It is an ideal solution for the small businesses who now spend less and yet get the benefits of a dedicated server.

Benefits you get with cheap VPS hosting India:

- Adapt and configure the server in any manner that your business may need.

- You have total administrative control to your server area and the flexibility to install any software application that you find useful for your business.

- Your websites are independently hosted in containers. Even if one of the other accounts over draw resources to manage sudden high traffic, it will not have any impact on the performance of your site.

- You are given a dedicated IP address which keeps your website separate from the other accounts sharing the server.

- You have host any number of websites in your own space for your businesses. No other entity can enter your container and this guarantees you of utmost privacy

All the cheap Windows VPS hosting plans come with a control panel that makes it more convenient for you to manage your server. Choose a provider that offers 24/7 technical support for you to reach them in case you require some assistance with the Windows servers. One vital advantage that you have is the vast assistance Microsoft offers in the form of tutorials and FAQs.

In addition, Microsoft updates all its technologies frequently with security patches. The cheap Windows VPS hosting providers offer anti-virus protection. Your servers are hosted in highly secured data centers that are redundantly equipped.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Ways to Find the Best Cloud Hosting Provider in India

When you have planned on moving your mission-critical data and applications to the cloud you can enjoy huge cost savings. You do not need to buy expensive storage hardware; nor do you have to recruit IT personnel to manage the servers. Cloud hosting has multiple advantages, the most important ones being cost savings and the ability to collaborate on projects online. Employees can access data no matter where they are located, as long as they have Internet connectivity. This improves work productivity for businesses. So, there are many benefits businesses can enjoy when they have the best cloud hosting provider in India.

Tips to find the best cloud hosting provider in India:

Since there are many cloud hosting vendors in India, choosing one out of so many may be a tough task. So, you may try to use the following suggestions in order to get the best cloud hosting provider in India:

• Hosting Needs: To begin with, it is important to understand your own cloud hosting requirements before you choose any service or provider. For instance, there are cloud offerings like the Dropbox where it is possible to store photos, videos and documents or Salesforce for CRM purposes. But for businesses that need higher storage, you can get many other cloud services such as an IT set-up with access to resources in real time.

• Pricing: Before you sign up with any cloud hosting provider, you should examine its pricing structure. For instance, you must be careful not to sign up with a vendor that makes you pay upfront fees. Pricing is usually according to a pay-as-you-use model where the client enterprises will pay only for resources they use and nothing extra. So, fees are usually charges per hour or per month basis or on even an annual basis.

• Security: When choosing cloud computing, your biggest concern should be that of security. Most cloud vendors will implement the standard security measures and it is important that you are satisfied with these protocols. As clients, you should look for strict security measures like anti-virus detection, firewalls, user authentications and data encryption. Before signing up, you need to inquire who gets access to the data and whether the vendor carries out background checks to identify potential cyber-criminals. The best cloud hosting provider in India will also conform to government norms for specific industries like privacy norms in the healthcare industry.

• Data Recovery: When you are looking for the best cloud hosting provider in India, you must choose one which has provisions to deal with sudden data losses. You should review its Service Level Agreement to find out if it will compensate for such data losses and whether it has the necessary redundancies to mitigate threats of data loss.

• Customer Care: The best cloud hosting provider in India will also offer you round-the-clock technical assistance through live chats, emails and phone calls. You should ideally inquire about their response times to technical problems, the time they require to resolve the issues and whether there are customer service representatives or experts who will interact with you through chats or help lines.

Data Center: When searching for a good cloud vendor, you must also find out about the location and security of its data centers. In short, you will not be keen to work with companies that store their servers in places where they can be quickly compromised. The locations should not be in places which are known to be susceptible to natural calamities like floods and earthquakes.

• Scalability: One of the biggest determinants when it comes to selecting a cloud vendor is scalability of its plans. With businesses growing steadily, you will need solutions which can help your business grow seamlessly. So, your vendor must be in a position to offer you additional resources when you need these.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

How Can You Get Economical Dedicated Server Hosting Plans Provider in India?

When you are on the lookout for an economical dedicated server hosting plans provider in India, there are some important things you should take into account. Dedicated hosting plans are invariably more expensive compared to shared hosting plans or VPS plans. This is because in dedicated hosting, you can lease out a whole server for your own exclusive use. So, with dedicated hosting plans, you are likely to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, disk space, higher processing power, greater memory, better security and increased technical support. All these advantages will obviously come for a price. When you have been able to get economical dedicated server hosting plans provider in India, you need to be careful about certain things.

What should you consider when choosing an economical dedicated server hosting plans provider in India?

• While affordable dedicated hosting plans is what everyone wants, you must be aware of some pitfalls that such plans can bring if you are not careful. When you buy dedicated hosting in India, you should ideally consider some technological specifications. For instance, when you run applications like ASP or ASP.Net technology, you will need to spend more on Windows servers because these will operate only in a Windows environment. Linux dedicated servers are cheaper because there are no licensing fees and Linux is an open source OS.

• While you may be able to get economical dedicated hosting plans, you should check for the amount of RAM and CPU your host will provide you with. When you run architecture built upon Windows or Java, you are likely to need more RAM. For websites that run games and chat-servers, there is a greater need for multi-processor servers such as the dual Xeon servers.

• When you want to host images or use the site for displaying multimedia videos and Flash videos, you will need higher uplink speeds and greater bandwidth. So, your economical dedicated server hosting plans provider in India should be able to offer you high bandwidth when you need it.

• In your effort to choose affordable dedicated servers, you must not settle for unmanaged hosting if you do not have an experienced and qualified IT team to handle the complex tasks of server management. Without a good systems administrator, you should not risk choosing unmanaged hosting; it is better to spend more on getting managed hosting solutions where your provider will monitor and maintain the servers for you. Any good host will also be able to offer you valuable advice on how to conduct load balancing or clustering.

• When you choose economical hosting solutions, you need to check the provider’s SLA to be aware of their uptime guarantees. You should find out not only about the uptime they will offer but also the compensations you will be entitled to get in case they fail to honor those guarantees.

• While choosing an economical dedicated server hosting plans provider in India will help you enjoy huge cost savings, you should ensure that there are no hidden fees, cancellation fees or migration fees. You need to find out not only about their monthly hosting charges, but also about prices for upgrades and updates, for additional bandwidth or space, for software licenses, for installation and for extra traffic. Costs for backups and disaster recovery, staff training and decommissioning costs should also be found out before signing on the dotted line.

• Finally, just because you have bought cheap dedicated hosting plans does not mean you will not need technical supports from your host. You have to ensure that your provider is able to offer you 24x7 supports through live chats, phone calls or emails. You must also make sure that they offer hardware replacement guarantees for any damaged or defective hardware.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Some Key Advantages of Cloud Computing Services in India

Cloud computing is beneficial for individuals and enterprises alike and refers to the delivery of computing resources to the public over the internet. So, cloud computing basically allows companies to enjoy resources like storage, applications, and virtual servers like utility services, similar to electricity. Businesses do not have to build and maintain infrastructures on-site; they can enjoy store their critical data and applications in remote servers. Naturally therefore, you are likely to enjoy many advantages of cloud computing services in India.

What are the key advantages of cloud computing services in India?

1- If you can get affordable cloud computing services in India, you will enjoy huge cost-savings. You will not be required to spend a huge fortune on buying expensive hardware or for upgrades and updates. Neither will you have to recruit, train and maintain an IT team to monitor the servers. When you choose managed cloud hosting solutions, the IT staff will not only keep your data secure, they will also be able to suggest innovative methods and solutions to cater to your business needs besides offering valuable advice on how to keep the infrastructure running efficiently.

2- Cloud computing is highly scalable and you will be able to enjoy resources on demand in real time. So, you can scale the resources up and down depending on your requirements. This ensures that there is optimal resource allocation and no wastage of resources. With dynamic business requirements, you need a flexible IT set-up and cloud computing can guarantee you this kind of an infrastructure. You can deploy newer projects faster and make sure these are capable of running without much delay, allowing you to move ahead of your competitors.

3- When you run a business, protecting it from revenue losses and managing strict regulations is always one of the topmost priorities. This is why you should choose cloud computing because the vendor will ensure that there are stringent security measures for data protection against breaches.

4- All businesses, regardless of their size, need to invest in disaster recovery measures. However, for the smaller businesses, this often gets compromised as it is very expensive. One of the key advantages of cloud computing services in India is that you can benefit from their disaster recovery solutions which will save both time and money.

5- Another of the key advantages of cloud computing services in India is that these are remote servers which are updated by the vendor; suppliers will provide regular software updates and you need not waste time maintaining these system updates on your own.

6- When you host in any data center that is outside, you can enjoy the benefits of power-efficient technologies. You choose only the resources you need depending on the demands of the traffic and this means that the server capacity can be suitably scaled down and up. So, there is no carbon footprint and you end up using only the energy you require making cloud computing an environment-friendly solution.

7- Cloud computing guarantees increased collaboration because your employees are able to access data, edit it and share important documents online from anywhere in the globe. This ensures that changes to data get updated in real time and all employees can access this change no matter where they are. So, you can work from almost anywhere as long as there is Internet connectivity and employees can benefit from flexible working perks.

These are some of the key benefits which you can enjoy when you choose quality and reputed cloud hosting providers in India. With a reliable provider, your business can use resources better and achieve economies of scale in the process.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

What Benefits Can a Colocation Server Offer You?

A colocation server refers to a web server which is situated in a dedicated facility and equipped with resources like secure cages or cabinets, dedicated web connectivity, power supplies, enhanced security and technical supports. These colocation facilities will give the client enterprises a place where they can physically house their own servers or hardware instead of maintaining a private data center where the threats of accidents and fire outbreaks are high. Most of the colocation server India providers will guarantee high-end security measures like on-site surveillance cameras, fire detection and suppression mechanisms, filtered power, multiple connection feeds, backup generators etc.

With colocation server solutions, your business can enjoy significant cost savings. You will not have to buy costly hardware for storing data; neither will you have to maintain staff to secure servers. You can cut down on both capital and operational costs that are likely to escalate when your business grows. Instead of investing in expensive HVAC or UPS units, you can enjoy an excellent data center which is also scalable to your dynamic requirements.

Unlike a private data center which can face frequent power outages that disrupt your site’s functioning, a colocation server is protected by backup power generators for high-density computing needs. Your business continuity will always depend on uptime guarantees and a colocation server will typically be able to offer you a carrier neutral setting and high-end networking options to guarantee more reliability. You can also benefit from higher bandwidth which is more cost-effective in a colocation facility because you can get benefits of volume pricing. When you choose colocation server hosting, you will be able to avail of round-the-clock technical supports from experts when it comes t troubleshooting hardware problems.

Finally, colocation server hosting can avert data breaches; security breaches are becoming commonplace and with the penalties becoming costlier, a data breach can sound death knell for any business. Colocation facilities are equipped with multiple layers of security through cardkey entry, biometric access, cage locks, on-site surveillance etc. you will also get effective data backups and disaster recovery solutions when you sign up for colocation hosting.

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