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Cheap Windows VPS Hosting- Customized Best & Cheap Web Hosting

A Cheap Windows VPS hosting is a VPS hosting service or a Virtual Private Server hosting that is offered as a virtual hosting service by an Internet hosting service. This service is sold as a virtual machine to the customer.

A Cheap Windows VPS hosting is a VPS hosting that is controlled and operated by Microsoft operating system. The Cheap Windows VPS hosting is popularly known as Windows virtual hosting. This Microsoft operating system is also known as Windows server. Many versions of Windows servers are available, such as 2016, 2012, 2008 and the use of server depends on the choice of the customer. These versions of Windows server vary on system resources; some have more than the others. 

Cheap Windows VPS hosting is available for the customers who wish to enjoy Microsoft operating system in their virtual server hosting for their websites and business functions, at a nominal rate. This Cheap Windows VPS hosting remains as a boon to business personnel with limited funds to enjoy full scale virtual hosting services with use of Microsoft applications and software in a Microsoft operating system. 

 Advantages of Cheap Windows VPS hosting

1. A cheap Windows virtual hosting arrangements always create a virtual server along with a physical server. 

2. Many digital servers are made in a single physical server machine by Windows VPS server hosting. This facilitates the clients to enjoy in reasonable price, packages for running websites, store data, and have many adaptable added on services. That is why Windows VPS hosting is known as Cheap windows VPS hosting.  

3. Cheap Windows VPS hosting offers high scalability and access to increased number of resources at a nominal rate. Windows VPS hosting also offers easy need based augmentation facility to customers. 

4. Cheap Windows VPS hosting proves to be a solution  of choice to those customers who are at the initial state of their businesses and are unable to predict their websites visitor’s traffic load.  Cheap Windows VPS hosting can be very easily upgraded to a greater resource pool as and when the situation demands.

5. Cheap Windows VPS hosting offers a powerful boost in resources. It has more flexible bandwidth. This protects the websites from crashing or a slow websites for the visitors to websites even when the customers load the websites with additional services.

6. Cheap Windows VPS hosting increases data storage space when the data base number increases at no extra cost. 

Cheap VPS hosting

Cheap VPS hosting is available in an economical pricing structure in comparison to dedicated or shared server hosting. But it offers optimum performance of high speed loading with stable operation even in heavy traffic of web visitors.  The cheap VPS hosting offers more disc space, CPU and RAM with flexibility to choose operating system and computer software to the customers. 

The cheap VPS hosting also has options of root access, giving full control to customers over their VPS account, from configuration to installation. These hosting can be fully managed by the customers, with server monitoring and domain hosting by them. 

Cheap VPS hosting, Cheap Windows VPS hosting are hosting platforms to boost commerce in this country. These hosting are ideal solutions to businessmen doing their businesses in limited financial resources. They attain optimum hosting services and facilities at a very economical price to make their business profitable, right from beginning to the optimum stage of business.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Reasons Why Businesses Moving to Windows Dedicated Server

If you have a website, you need the services of a web host to operate it effectively and smoothly. Undoubtedly, dedicated server hosting based on the Windows operating system is the best hosting platform for any website. However, before going into details of Windows dedicated server, let us first understand what exactly is dedicated server. 

Understanding Dedicated Server 

As the name suggest, it is a web hosting service that is exclusive for one single user. In this technology, the client completely owns the server and its resources, including the operating system, hardware, and software. The client gets complete administrative control over the server and doesn’t need to share it with the other clients of the hosting company. Dedicated hosting is the most powerful and flexible form of web hosting. It is a great choice for companies that look to scale their business online. More and more businesses prefer dedicated hosting because it gives their websites more flexibility, security and reliability as well as unique IP address and maximum uptime. 

When it comes to choosing an operating system for your dedicated server, you have the choice of selecting between Windows and Linux. Both the operating systems have their benefits and depending on your business needs and convenience, you can make the choice. However, our topic is about Windows dedicated server, so we will be discussing its benefits for businesses. 

Here is a complete list of features and benefits of hosting your website on a Windows dedicated hosting platform. 

• As we all know, a Windows dedicated hosting environment is built upon the NT technology. So, it is a stable platform.   

• It is easy to manage and install. 

• Windows is a dynamic operating system. A dedicated server on this operating system is compatible with a lot of software, such as email software, process software, and control panels. There is no other operating system in the market that has such a vast software compatibility. 

• With a Windows dedicated hosting environment, you can efficiently run and access software or applications that are developed on programming platform.

• You can also access Windows Media Services. 

Apart from these features, a Windows dedicated server has all the standard features of a dedicated server, such as 

• Complete administrative access to the server.

• You get the option to choose and customize your own hardware, software, operating system, and any other managed service. 

• Choosing a dedicated server ensures maximum uptime for a website.

• Unlimited amount of bandwidth, CPU, RAM, and disk storage.

• You get round the clock technical and customer support for any issue. 

• It also comes with the option of upgrading or downgrading resources, depending on the business needs of websites.

• The performance of other websites running on the servers of your host would not affect the performance of your website. So, no chance of server slow down.

• With a dedicated server, your website is completely safe and secure because you are not sharing space with a potential spammer or a malicious website. So, it is an ideal hosting platform for companies dealing with confidential data or sensitive financial transactions. 

With all these benefits, you can be 100 percent sure that a dedicated server will help your business achieve success. However, Windows dedicated hosting is one of the most expensive forms of web hosting platforms because it is not a free operating system and comes with a licensing fee. However, there are several companies in the market that offer cheap dedicated server in India without compromising on the quality. CloudOYE is one such company that offers a range of affordable and customized plans for dedicated hosting and all other forms of web hosting services.    


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