Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Best Features of Cloud Hosting

Cloud technology offers hosting of websites on virtual servers where the computing resources are gathered from various physical servers that are housed in remote locations across the globe. They are offered over any public networking system like the internet. Cloud hosting is a form of service that allows the customers to draw as much of resources as they want.


There are many features of cloud hosting that distinguish it from the traditional physical servers.

• Easy Setup: Cloud server can be launched within minutes. Clients do not have to wait till machines are physically installed and can start off on their business instantly. More servers can be added with just a few clicks.

• Reliable: Cloud servers are independent of each other. Unlike in shared hosting the clients are not affected by the activities of the other users on the servers.

• Secure:  Content in the cloud is safe. Since the data is spread across several servers, it is well protected against any hardware failures. Snapshots and automated backups add to the protection.

• Scalable:  The cloud servers are highly scalable. Clients have the liberty to increase or reduce the resources as per their requirements. This saves a lot of money for the clients as they need not buy resources they may not use. The upgrading can be done with simple clicks without the need for any physical activity.

The best cloud hosting plans is affordable, assure of maximum uptime, and flexible giving the clients plenty of choices for expansion as their business grows. The plans generally include unlimited domains, dedicated disk space, bandwidth and memory.

Cloud hosting is very cost-effective. There are no installation costs and the clients are charged on an hourly basis for the services they utilize. This is far more affordable for the users as it does not require them to buy resources they do not use unlike in dedicated hosting where they need to buy resources in advance as per plans opted.  


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