Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Various Reasons for Moving to VPS Hosting

Business owners have got an affordable yet feature rich and power-packed solution for their websites in VPS hosting. It is a very flexible solution and takes away the various restrictions that one finds in shared hosting. It matches the traits of the dedicated server.

What is VPS

A single dedicated server is segregated into numerous smaller virtual partitions that function as independent servers. The users have a choice of operating system and are allocated individual resources like CPU, bandwidth, RAM etc. Although sharing the server with other websites, customers here have complete control of their server. VPS hosting is the ideal midway choice meeting the demands of a growing business that are in need of dedicated resources but have budget restrictions.

Why to consider VPS

There are several advantages for businesses adopting VPS hosting:

• Customizable: They get root access to the server and are allowed to install any software that they need for their business development.

• Scalable: Clients can start on with low resources and increase their requirements as their growing business demands.

• Reliable: The client’s website performance is not affected even if another user draws more resources at peak traffic times.

• Continuity: Resources are made available from other servers on the network even if one of the servers fails. This guarantees there is no interruption in the website availability.

• Affordability: Since the server has many users like in a shared hosting, the overheads are split among the users making it very cost effective in comparison to the dedicated server which has only one entity and does not involve any sharing.

The VPS hosting provider in India is an experienced and highly reliable company that offers high quality hosting solutions for the varying needs of individual websites. They extend dedicated round the clock support to assist in solving any technical issues to ensure a smooth and seamless business performance. 


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