Thursday, 7 July 2016

Advantages of Moving to the Cloud Server

By adopting the cloud technology for their websites, business owners find umpteen benefits.  Cloud computing offers more security, stability reliability to the business while keeping the costs very low in comparison to the other forms of web hosting.  It runs on a cluster of virtual servers that function as independent servers. Cloud server has all the features that are seen in the traditional server with the difference being the services are all offered by the providers and are accessible by the users via the internet.

Cost-effective and reliable

 Cloud server does not require the customers to install any high costing infrastructure. The users just need to subscribe and avail the services they require using the pay-as-you-use pattern. It eliminates the need of buying resources in plans offered by the providers and cause wastage.

 Websites are not dependent on one server as is the case with traditional hosting. Businesses are guaranteed of maximum uptime as the resources are diverted from the other servers on the network in case one of the servers fails for some reason. Resources are immediately replenished and website performance is never disturbed even if one of the other users pulls more resources to counter traffic congestion.


• Cloud server minimizes the chances of websites crashing due to high traffic flow. Resources are instantly available with just a few clicks. Businesses can pull more resources to avoid any traffic spikes at times when there is a sudden increase in the number of visitors to a site. Similarly, they can reduce their requirements when the traffic is slow and normal.

Cloud server hosting services in India are suitable to businesses of all sizes. They have the public cloud for the small businesses and the private cloud model for the larger businesses that look for the facilities of a public cloud but in an isolated environment with more privacy and security. Business have the hybrid cloud when they look for affordable solutions with enhanced security.


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