Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Some Key Advantages of Cloud Computing Services in India

Cloud computing is beneficial for individuals and enterprises alike and refers to the delivery of computing resources to the public over the internet. So, cloud computing basically allows companies to enjoy resources like storage, applications, and virtual servers like utility services, similar to electricity. Businesses do not have to build and maintain infrastructures on-site; they can enjoy store their critical data and applications in remote servers. Naturally therefore, you are likely to enjoy many advantages of cloud computing services in India.

What are the key advantages of cloud computing services in India?

1- If you can get affordable cloud computing services in India, you will enjoy huge cost-savings. You will not be required to spend a huge fortune on buying expensive hardware or for upgrades and updates. Neither will you have to recruit, train and maintain an IT team to monitor the servers. When you choose managed cloud hosting solutions, the IT staff will not only keep your data secure, they will also be able to suggest innovative methods and solutions to cater to your business needs besides offering valuable advice on how to keep the infrastructure running efficiently.

2- Cloud computing is highly scalable and you will be able to enjoy resources on demand in real time. So, you can scale the resources up and down depending on your requirements. This ensures that there is optimal resource allocation and no wastage of resources. With dynamic business requirements, you need a flexible IT set-up and cloud computing can guarantee you this kind of an infrastructure. You can deploy newer projects faster and make sure these are capable of running without much delay, allowing you to move ahead of your competitors.

3- When you run a business, protecting it from revenue losses and managing strict regulations is always one of the topmost priorities. This is why you should choose cloud computing because the vendor will ensure that there are stringent security measures for data protection against breaches.

4- All businesses, regardless of their size, need to invest in disaster recovery measures. However, for the smaller businesses, this often gets compromised as it is very expensive. One of the key advantages of cloud computing services in India is that you can benefit from their disaster recovery solutions which will save both time and money.

5- Another of the key advantages of cloud computing services in India is that these are remote servers which are updated by the vendor; suppliers will provide regular software updates and you need not waste time maintaining these system updates on your own.

6- When you host in any data center that is outside, you can enjoy the benefits of power-efficient technologies. You choose only the resources you need depending on the demands of the traffic and this means that the server capacity can be suitably scaled down and up. So, there is no carbon footprint and you end up using only the energy you require making cloud computing an environment-friendly solution.

7- Cloud computing guarantees increased collaboration because your employees are able to access data, edit it and share important documents online from anywhere in the globe. This ensures that changes to data get updated in real time and all employees can access this change no matter where they are. So, you can work from almost anywhere as long as there is Internet connectivity and employees can benefit from flexible working perks.

These are some of the key benefits which you can enjoy when you choose quality and reputed cloud hosting providers in India. With a reliable provider, your business can use resources better and achieve economies of scale in the process.


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