Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Affordable Public Cloud Server Hosting Services Benefit Small and Medium Enterprises

Public cloud server hosting services are ideal for applications that are not required to deal with sensitive information. Public cloud solutions are extensively used by small and medium enterprises because these are highly economical and easily deployable.

Low cost of ownership

Users are not required to purchase costly hardware and can therefore reduce their capital investment.  Public cloud infrastructure is an off-site facility and leased and rented by users on pay-as-you-go basis. Many enterprises rent these services on temporary basis for managing peak time loads.

Public cloud hosting services are most commonly used to operate ERP and CRM applications by small and medium organizations that do not have sufficient budgets to afford dedicated infrastructure to operate such applications.

Public cloud services are adopted to reduce costs of manpower and maintenance of in-house infrastructure. By shifting to software based operations organizations can obviate high upfront investment for purchasing costly equipment.

On demand and dynamic scalability

Scalability is the most attractive feature of public cloud hosting. Users can scale up resources in response to demand and therefore can optimize expenditure by reducing investments in surplus resources. Public cloud server can be commissioned or decommissioned as per the need by using API access. Users are also allowed to configure and deploy as per specific requirements.

Cloud based applications can improve productivity by streamlining business processes. These applications provide unlimited accessibility to staff for editing and retrieving data or editing the files. Cloud data storage offers reliable and efficient solution for small and medium enterprises.

Public cloud server in India is designed to offer faster and easier access at highly affordable prices. These factors are responsible for extensive popularity of public cloud services. Public cloud offers great advantage of shared resources over a large pool of servers. These are extremely flexible and scalable. Users can add or withdraw cloud instances without any hassles.

If cost effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility are considered, then public cloud server hosting is way ahead of private cloud solutions. This could be the reason for extensive adoption of public cloud applications.


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